Album of photographs in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of finding a photo collector in your home that is empty or full? And what does it mean to dream of finding an old and ancient album of my family? Why can we often dream of a photo album, dream of the wedding album pages, confirmation, baptism, communion, birthday, an album of memories? Why is it possible to browse a beautiful album with lots of colorful photos or in black and white? For what reason can you dream of turning the pages of an album and feeling very sad, crying or waking up with a heart that beats very hard? How many of you have often dreamed of inserting, sticking photos in an album or even ripping and burning old photographs? Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace do I have to play if I have a dream in which I find an album with ancient photographs to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? What does it mean to dream of seeing an album full of photographs? Many of you happened to even dream of taking photos in a family album or with photos of themselves. "Last night I dreamed of finding a photo album in the cellar with lots of dust. The photos were very old and I could not see the faces of the people but still in the photos I saw my parents, my mother and my father, my grandparents, my brother and sister and some of my uncles and other relatives. This night I leafed through a wonderful book with many photos in which I was never present but I saw the Pope again, famous actors and singers and even many children I did not know. Last night I was with my husband and son sitting on a sofa while leafing through a beautiful album full of images with many colors and I was very happy. The other night I remember having dreamed of being photographed with a deceased person, a relative who has been dead for many years and I was very afraid". But what does it mean to dream of being photographed by a photographer with a camera or dreaming of sticking photographs in an album? Why is it possible to review the worst and most beautiful moments of one's life in an album with lots of photos together with a friend, a work colleague or mother and father? Today we try to understand the meaning of the album in dreams and also of the photographs that undoubtedly have a very important meaning and message to propose to the dreamer.


Certainly the photographs in our dreams can have a very important meaning and it is very easy to understand, often, what they are referring to. To understand their meaning in our dreams we must start from their meaning in real life. In everyday life, a photograph is a moment that is blocked to be reviewed and relived in the future. The photos are taken especially during good times to remember moments of life. So the picture is a beautiful or bad memory that can represent a fundamental moment of our earthly existence. Here in our dreams, looking at some photographs means going back into the past and trying to relive some moments that can no longer be relived in real life, in everyday life. In short, we can often dream of finding a picture where we see some people we know who have been important in our past. Very often these dreams are trivial because it can happen to meet a person on the street in everyday life and then dream of finding her in a photo, in a photo album. This type of dreams does not have a particular meaning, but our mind and our subconscious have succeeded in associating a truly happened encounter with oneiric life. Much more important are the messages that come from dreams in which we find old photo albums full of ancient photographs, in which perhaps we can observe our ancestors, our great-grandparents, our grandparents or our parents. The photos represent a link and a particular moment of life. So very often our subconscious can make this ancient link re-emerge with people we have never known in our lives but we have heard about. Obviously it can happen very often, after suffering a loss, after facing the death of a person in the family, to dream of seeing this person in a photograph, in a photo album that we browse with someone or alone. These dreams simply indicate the pain, the lack for the loss of the dear person and the attempt to remember it and to create an indissoluble bond in our dreams.

If we had to make a comparison we should say that the album in our dreams represents our life, our earthly existence, while each picture represents an important moment of it. Often, after seeing some photos in an album, we can wake up very sad, with tears on the face or with a strong sense of pessimism because some memories are very bad for our soul because we would like to forget various situations that often come back in our mind. So photography is a venting valve of our subconscious that tries to download disappointments, memories, terrible events lived in the past, to make us live more serenely everyday life. But the album in the dream can also be full of beautiful photographs that can make us smile, can make us find an optimism and a positive that we had lost with the passage of time, so the album can be seen as the cure of our ills, the our little esteem and our pessimism. Some people say they have dreamed of leafing through the pages of an album and then having received good news from the people who were present in the photos. Here we are obviously facing some premonitory dreams but that are not widespread. Rather an album can be ruined, ancient, with some pages burned or torn or with black and white photos and not in color then. Dreaming of a photo album that is not in a good condition but has some photos or pages torn or burned, means that the dreamer does not have a good memory of some events of his past, memories that maybe he wants to remove from his mind but that return every much. And here we can take photos, burn photos that we do not like and even throw an album in the trash. All this indicates a clear rejection of the past, of some social, family, sentimental relationships. For example we can dream of finding the album of our wedding and take some photos, tear and burn some photos. These gestures in the dream clearly indicate sentimental problems with our partner of love, problems that must be solved.

Unfortunately, very often our past obsesses us because it was not lived in the best way. The mistakes we made were so many and their memory comes back just in an album full of photographs that can also be without colors, that is in black and white. According to some dream scholars, dreaming of seeing black and white photos means having remorse from your past or living a life without emotions and without love. In short, these dreams can be the representation of a life that brings no satisfaction, monotonous, without interests and exciting events. But the gestures we can do with an album are really many. For example, we can dream of being together with our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, brothers-in-law, relatives, work colleagues and browse a beautiful album with very colorful photos and even we can dream of sticking, stuck other photographs. Generally the sensations we experience while doing something in the dream world are essential to bring out a positive or negative message. Being happy together with other people and inserting new photos into an album means the chance to spend wonderful moments with the people we love and very often, after having had these dreams, we can be invited to a party, a family reunion or work that will be very beautiful to live. And seeing photos with children or representing ourselves when we were children or teenagers means that we may be homesick when we were very young or we must learn to return children. We must never forget that to understand well the meaning of a dream, we must remember sensations and emotions, places, objects, people and therefore every detail is fundamental and must not be overlooked. So if an album in a dream indicates our life and the photographs indicate particular moments of our past, present and future life, all the other details can help us to understand if these moments can be positive and help us to evolve in our everyday life. because dreams are just for this thing. From each of them we can learn a little lesson to progress, to mature, to improve as people.


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