What does it mean to dream of abandoning a baby, infant, cuddly, poppy in a cradle in front of a church or a home, in short a newborn baby? Have you ever dreamed of a baby that just starts to vomit and is kidnapped or thrown, thrown into the garbage can? When you dream a baby or even a newborn, what numbers is it useful to play to try a lottery win according to the dream book and dream guide? When do we dream of the birth of a newborn that numbers can we play? Today, we see understanding the meaning of newborn babies in dreams and giving a proper interpretation that can be useful to many people. What does it mean to dream a dead or alive newborn who is about to die or just born, has just come to the world? Why can you dream of listening to a tiny baby in the stroller while crying or smiling? For what reason it is possible to dream of hearing a baby crying and is in serious trouble. Maybe on a wheelchair? Listening to a crying baby in a dream is really widespread. What does it mean to dream of seeing a small baby boy in a woman's arms, a mother or a man or even a Madonna? Dreaming for a baby girl, then a female baby, sleeping in her arm or crying or dreaming of giving birth to a blond baby without teeth or already with teeth and hair. How many dreams do children see as the protagonists we solely do? "The other night I dreamed of a baby boy who laughs, laughs and is happy, happy. Last night I saw in dream a beautiful male kid waking up and having a huge head. Why did I dream of seeing a baby born with different malformations and even with a serious illness over the night? This night I dreamed of a baby with very long arms and legs very short". Dreaming of deformed children, with an animal face or without arms or legs or even headless, is a very common dream unfortunately and can scare you a lot. Let's understand and understand the meaning and especially the message our subconscious wants to give us when we dream a baby or a newborn.


So a newborn or even a very small child in our dreams often refers to our own character side, so to a part of us that requires our attention. Usually this dreamlike figure refers to a difficulty expressing our most childish and innocent side of our character, of course if in a dream the baby cries or has serious difficulties, malformations to the body, etc... How can we not pull out our most innocent, most genuine part? What is the block in our life that creates many complications and does not allow us to express it in the best conditions? First of all we must say that the child, besides representing the purity of our character, can also represent another very important thing, namely our imagination and creativity. When a child cries in our dreams or is in serious difficulty then we must think that we are at a stage in our life that is not at all free and in which we are unable to develop ideas and projects as we would like, perhaps working and professional schemes that are not part of us, which we do not feel to be ours. So you do not have to be scared of dreams and nightmares where a newborn vomits, loses blood, is thrown into a garbage dump or is even abandoned in front of a church by a mysterious woman. All of these dreams simply point to a strong need to find inner serenity and the need to find the resources to move forward in our lives, precisely in our great and fervent imagination and creativity that for the moment seems to have been lost.

But there is an important difference between a newborn and a baby. In fact, the infant has just come to the world while a baby may have a few years of life. If in the dream we see and witness the birth of a child then maybe something new is going to happen in our earthly existence. Very often, after the birth of a newborn baby in a dream, we can witness a change, an event that comes and that it can concern us personally or indirectly. Usually if the baby in dreams is happy, smiles, drinks milk from the breast of Mother or Madonna for example, then the event that is going to get to the dreamer's life is really very good, positive and can bring so much joy. If the person who puts the baby into the world is a person we know then we have to try to understand what we have in common with this person in order to give meaningful meaning to the dream. For example, if we dream a newborn baby in the arms of a work colleague or a relative like a sister or mother, then the dream can refer to a great event that concerns the relative, relative, sister, mother but of course It also affects us who live together with this or that person. Never forget that a fair interpretation of dreams requires a very careful study of the places we visit in dreams, the objects and people we encounter and the feelings we experience.

And if a newborn in our dreams weeps, vomits or has a physical deformity or is he very ill and is he dying? These dreams can very frighten us, but they do not have to worry because we are just in a phase of life where we are not able to realize our projects and maybe some project is done badly, it ended up negatively for us. Especially if in a dream the infant has very short legs or arms or with some problems, this means that in our earthly existence, at this moment, we can not achieve everything we want. So the baby or the baby can represent, in addition to a change in our lives, the need to abandon or carry on some of our projects. Certainly many women dream of giving birth to a baby or attending a child's birth because perhaps they feel the need to have a son in real life and these dreams are really widespread. The need to undergo or make a necessary change in our lives is represented in a dream by a newborn who is born or dies just born. Unfortunately, many women but also many men tell of dreams where they see children kidnapped, killed in war by bombs or children who are abducted, tortured or even kidnapped. Clearly the message these dreams bring to the dreamer must not be underestimated because in most cases it may indicate the need to find an inner stability, a peace and serenity that is not at this moment and which generates many misunderstandings in life. In fact, the infant in dreams has interpersonal relationships that need to be improved in order to live in peace and harmony with other people. Finally, dreaming of Our Lady with baby Jesus in the arms is a great sign of inner serenity and great strength that can help us overcome enormous obstacles.


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