But what's the menaing to dream to be to the altar in the Church and to marry a white and long suit? Why can I be dreamt to assist to a marriage in which bride wears a red suit, black or even a suit that is dirty and torn? Why do a lot of people dream to see and to participate to a party of marriage between a man and a woman? "The other night I have dreamt that I was in the Church with my boy and we had to get married us. Last night I have dreamt to see my child that married him a person that I don't know. What does it mean this dream? Why the past night I have dreamt that waited for my partner of love to the altar of a Church? This night I have assisted to the marriage of my uncle, of my mother, of my father, of my sister, of one dear friend of mine. I have dreamt that I had to get married me but that I didn't want to absolutely do it". What's the meaning of the dreams of marriage? Which meaning and intepretazione to give to the dreams in which we see two people that get married him? The marriage in the dreams can assume indeed different meanings and some very important for the dreamer. We try to understand what he hides behind this type of dreams.

It first of all needs to depart from the real meaning of the word marriage. The marriage is the union of two people that you/they are loved and that they want to also have a family. Here that in the world of the dreams when we see two people that marry then him something you/he/she can happen of very beautiful in the life of the dreamer. In fact it can happen an event that concerns the affective life but not only also the family life, the working and professional life and this event it is absolutely positive. For instance when we dream that we are marrying then there in the Church, a beautiful news can come in the job and we can receive a proposal of job, to conclude an accord, to receive a sum of money, etc... If we are waiting for an increase of salary or we want to change then job the probabilities that these desires realize him they are very tall indeed when it makes him a type of dreams as this.

Clearly it is very important to remember the two people that get married him because the favorable event, the positive change concerns without doubt one of the two people and if among these there is then the dreamer what will happen it will concern really us. If we are in the Church and we participate in the celebration of a marriage and the people that he is getting married they are not to us known, then it is probable that arrivals an unexpected event but however favorable in our life. It needs however to say that often these dreams are also verified when a woman or a man have indeed to get married in the real life and therefore this simply points out the strong desire. At times a woman that strongly desires the arrival of a new child and still it is not pregnant, you can dream to participate to a marriage and to be really her bride. In this case the marriage in the dreams points out that probably the conception of child and its birth will be near.

Not these dreams point out always favorable events however. In fact we can also dream a bride or a bridegroom that wear a red suit, black or a dirty suit. The colors in dream they are very important indeed. If the suit is red then our sentimental life it is full of great passion or the energies that we are putting in a project are so many and this project can succeed only thanks to our hard appointment. If the suit is white, almost a white that dazzles then our eyes it points out purity, a positive evolution, maturation of our internal self, of our soul. If instead the suit is black we still have to evolve, we still have to mature otherwise we will have a lot of difficulties in the daily life. A wedding gown in dream can finally be torn also and dirty. The possible collaborations that verrano, the changes, the sentimental unions won't be favorable for the dreamer but they will bring some problems. Finally it always needs to remember the emotions that try him in dream and therefore if we cry while we are perhaps assisting then to a marriage we have the nostalgia for some times that are passed. If we give back the life instead we are happy to that are living.


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