What does it mean to be possessed and done try by the devil? Does the devil in dream represent a temptation type material? But does thing mean to dream to see the Devil of red color to be run after by Satan, Lucifero or Belzebul? For which motive we can dream the demons that come against us and they want it stuffed some evil? Why in dream you can be quarreled with the devil? "Last night I have dreamt to be in my house, in my room, on my bed to beg the Devil. I have dreamt to fight with the devil but I lost the battle and I fell in the flames of the hell. Why can I dream to beg the Devil and not God? The past night I have seen a terrible devil dressed of black that came verse of me because he wanted to kill me. I have been afraid. This night I have dreamt to talk to the devil that spit flames of fire from the mouth. It has been indeed an appalling dream. The other night I heard a strange voice that called me and it was the voice of Satan. I have dreamt the devil that pursues me and it was of human form, it had the form before a man and then of a woman with a face that was dreadful indeed". But what's the meaning of the dreams with the devil? What does it mean to dream to fight and to win against the devil and his/her demons? What does he mean to dream that the devil grabs yourself for an arm? Why can we dream the demon that comes us to find and he talks to us or it threatens us with the pitchfork or he wants to burn us? Thing he hides behind the figure of the devil in dream and which message does it bring us dreamers? We see to give a correct intepretazione to dreams of this kind.

The devil has many meanings that must not absolutely be underestimated and the more main point is the desire. Exact, when we dream the devil, Satan, Belzebul, Lucifero, the demons, must try then to understand what desire we are repressing to our inside in our conscience. We often dream a devil when in the real life we have need to realize a strong desire but we don't succeed in doing this for different motives and therefore the desire that is repressed in the reality appears in the form of devil in our dreams. A lot of people think that the devil is expressly connected to sexual desires but you is not really this way. Certainly to dream a devil can also mean that we have a strong sexual attraction, erotic toward someone or we feel a strong demand to express our sexual potential but in the real life we don't succeed in doing him/it. Then in dream this whole potentiality frees him and we is also able ourselves to be a demon.

What it happens when fight against a demon in our dreams? Why can we attach a devil or can we be attached from Satan and to win or to lose the battle the struggle? We have said that often these dreams are to connect to strong desires that are repressed us and that you must necessarily find a street of expression, therefore if we win then against the devil in dream we can hope to see realized our desires. Clearly if during a struggle in dream against the devil we are us to lose, we are hurt, we are killed or we go to the hell, then in the real life we won't succeed in realizing some desires. These dreams certainly are not negative but something of profit almost always teach us to grow, to evolve in our life. It also needs to say that the figure of Satan often appears in the dreams of the very religious people that love in way unconditional God but they has even at times some doubts on its existence or they think that God doesn't do enough for them. Here that in own dreams you can present the devil that represents the lack of trust in God a temptation that you must be fights for finding again the true faith.

Unfortunately the temptations in our life are a lot of and the desires that we can have can be indeed also them so many but not all these temptations and not all these desires you can be realized because even our society doesn't allow to do him/it. Then these strong temptations and these desires manifest him in the life of our dreams and they bring us disturbance. We always have to try to understand, to understand what desire brings to dream the devil, we must remember the people that we meet in dream, the feelings that we try, therefore we must understand if we feel beautiful feelings or ugly emotions. It certainly is not easy to try to go up again to the desire that can be repressed in ours subconscious and to appear at night in our dreams but a careful analysis of the material onirico can bring indeed fundamental messages to understand better our life, to evolve, to mature and for to understand what is the Good and what is the Evil in our human existence.


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