But what does it mean to dream of seeing a big rat that comes towards you? Because you can dream of a rat chases you and wants to bite you? Dreaming big rats with long tails and sharp teeth what can it mean? Dream of seeing rats running at home what it means? "Why dream often see dead rats? The other night I dreamed of seeing a mouse with a cat playing together. Last night I saw a rat in a terrible dream that was really huge but was trapped and could not hurt me. Last night I dreamed of seeing so many little mice in my bed and I had a lot of fear because they walked on my body, on my legs, on my hands, on my face and biting me. Last night I dreamed of killing a big mouse black and gray color while a white color and very nice mouse could escape. Why dream of eating rats and vomiting in disgust?" What is the meaning of the mice in a dream? Dreaming of chasing and capturing many mice do you mean? And it is attacked by nervous mice and hungry in a dream? But because many people often dream of mice and cats playing together or dream alive or dead rats or mice that still want to bite? Let's understand the meaning of dreams in which the mouse is the main character.

The rat symbol in our dreams is widespread. The mouse can be a person or a situation in real life that can be positive or negative for us. In fact, the mouse is not an animal that we try always disgust. Many people like the mice in such a rural location and never do harm to them. So when you dream of a mouse you have to remember the feelings that you experienced in a dream. If the feelings are good, if the mouse did not make you afraid but maybe kept you company, was sympathetic, then the dream brings a nice meaning. However, a small mouse that gnaws an object such as a door, a wire, a piece of wood, etc..., this means that in your life there is a situation that bothers you very much and then you need to figure out how to get out of this situation, you need to find a solution to the problem. A large rat that bites something is certainly the symbol of a complex situation which necessarily must be resolved to avoid further damage. unfortunately often see so many rats that invade the house or your bedroom means that in your life there is so much confusion and not really know how to go about finding the right solution for each problem.

Often the mice represent an imminent danger and the larger the mouse, the greater the danger. If in a dream you struggle against mice or rats and kill them then surely the meaning is positive and indicates that the person who wants to harm you will be defeated, or you will be able to solve a serious situation indeed very complex. The mice may be gray or black in color or even white in color. Generally dark-colored mice are the symbol of a malaise that we have, a malaise that can be physical or mental. Here the white mouse instead is a very good sign, a symbol very favorable to the dreamer because it indicates a maturing, a positive evolution of the situation, the malaise that makes life difficult. Unfortunately in a dream can also happen to eat a nice mouse and this can cause a great loathing, a strong distaste at Dreamer but you have to stay calm and do not be afraid of this kind of dreams because eating a mouse means that we will solve our problems.

We have not said yet what does it mean to dream of a rat that attacks us and bites us. The mice are able, in real life, to bite and kill a person, especially because often bring with them many diseases due to the fact that they live in dirty places such as sewers. If a rat bite us then the malaise that afflicts us can really be very difficult to deal with and maybe we need the help of someone. The mouse bite can seem so real in the dream that we can even feel very pain. Never underestimate the dreams of this kind, and indeed we must analyze it very well to try to come up with the right interpretation is often very subjective. The situations in which the rat is manifested in dreams can be truly endless but ultimately we want to talk of dreams in which the rats eat other mice. These dreams indicate that the dreamer lives of stark contrasts on a psychological level, contrasts that must try to solve as soon as possible to avoid falling into the disease.


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