But what does it mean to dream a bad unknown woman waiting for the birth of a child? What does the woman expecting a new baby in our dreams? Because it is possible to dream of pregnant women and then with a big belly waiting to give birth? Because we can dream of seeing our mother, our daughter, our sister, an aunt, a teacher, or even a man like our husband or our father's pregnant? "Last night I dreamed I was pregnant and I was very happy. I dreamed of making love and getting pregnant. Because sometimes dreams of getting pregnant? Last night I dreamed of seeing a beautiful woman in the hospital who was waiting to give birth to a child? Last night I saw a girl who was pregnant and told him to wait twins? I have dreamed of seeing so many women who were pregnant and wept. The other night I saw two pregnant women who cried because they felt a lot of pain. Why dream often see women who are about to give birth and who are about to give birth to a child?" Pero what is the meaning of dreams with a pregnant woman? What does dreaming pregnant women who give birth to a bambimo dead? These dreams are very common among the people. Let's understand the meaning of such dreams and we try to give a fair interpretation.

Dreaming of making love and getting pregnant can certainly be a positive sign for the woman. In fact, pregnancy dreams often is linked to a very next event, so a happy event that is coming and that can relate to many things and so many aspects of our lives. So if you are girls or women and are dreaming to get pregnant do not worry because this does not actually happen in real life but you're going to a wonderful event. If the woman waiting for the birth of the child is the dreamer then the fortunate event will cover just her otherwise if you see a woman that you know, maybe one of your relative, then the favorable event will happen in the family and you will be happy with this occurrence. So the birth of a son but especially his waiting in the womb indicate a happy and happy event, a nice situation that is coming but especially a big change that can take place in the life of the dreamer who can also be a man. In fact, some men dream of being pregnant and giving birth to a child.

Men who give birth to a son in a dream they have a great sensitivity or otherwise at a particular time in their lives, and they feel a strong need to demonstrate their sensitivity, to show other people what can be sensitive just like a woman. In short, this type of dreams, if the dreamer is a man or a boy, may mean that the female part has to find an outlet, a way out in real life and this could happen due to an event. Certainly the birth of a child is a wonderful thing and even in dreams we can enjoy this wonderful event but sometimes we can see a pregnant woman who is ugly face, an unknown woman who pursues us because he wants to hurt us. This woman can race behind us and make us very afraid. What hide these dreams? What is their significance? An ugly woman who maybe has a really terrible and frightening face and that you are pregnant, may mean that the change that is happening in our lives, the event should arrive, we do not want to accept, we are afraid of it. In fact many people are afraid of change, to leave old ways to follow other routes in their lives.

Many women also tell the dream of being pregnant and to give birth to two or more twins. These dreams are beautiful because they indicate a very large very favorable event or major events that are coming, and that can make the dreamer really very happy. These events may include the emotional and sentimental life, work and professional life, and therefore the gains and many other sectors. How do I figure out which area of our lives the event will take place? Try to remember the places of manifestation of the dream and the people you meet in a dream because with these clues you can easily understand the industry that will be affected positively. Ultimately we have to talk and deal with the pain argument. For we know that in real life when you are about to give birth you feel very severe pain. These pains can also be tested in a dream and be very close to reality. What is the meaning of these dreams? These dreams they want to communicate to the dreamer that change, the good news, the lucky events that are coming in the life of every day, will not be free from suffering and sacrifices.


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