Dream of fleas, ticks, dead lice, lice eggs in our ears or in the head, and who persecute us, chasing us, they attack.. See in a dream fleas and ticks that climb on a cat or a dog, or of our mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, friend, son, etc... Years ago the lice were a real scourge of society and Fortunately, today is no longer the case thanks to the fact that people give great importance to personal hygiene. In fact, head lice are born and live where there is no cleaning. But what does it mean to dream of seeing so many lice in the head, the body color of green, black, white, yellow, red? Because we can dream of seeing many and small, tiny lice walking on a child's head or on our head? Why we can dream of seeing rendered an enormous louse giant who wants to bite us or who is on our pillow? What significance lice, ticks and fleas have in our dreams? "The other night I dreamed of having many small lice in my head and I felt very itchy. Last night I saw in a dream, in my bedroom, lice, fleas and ticks that came up on the bed and walked on my hands, on my legs, on my face. I woke up with a terrible fear. Why dream often insects such as lice, ticks, fleas that suck my blood? Last night I dreamed of killing a large number of lice under my feet and I felt so much disgust. The possata night I dreamed of eating a louse and vomiting immediately after". But what is the meaning of dreams with lice? It must be said that this type of insects dream is a dream, fortunately, not widespread among the people but its significance is still very important. Let's understand the meaning of such dreams, and we also try to give a correct interpretation.

Head lice, ticks and fleas are very dangerous insects for humans but also for animals. Obviously, they are much more common in animals because they have really a lot more hair than us. Defending our pets from fleas and ticks is now much easier with flea and tick collars but in dream as we defend ourselves when we are attacked by these animals? These beautiful but disgusting insects love sucking blood of animals but also our blood and they like to lay their eggs. When these insects come in dream often they refer to very annoying situations we face in life. For example, a child can dream of having some head lice because in real life does not want to go to school, do homework, or a fellow creates so much trouble. So the lice, fleas and ticks indicate small and large problems that need to be addressed very quickly, and that should not be underestimated. For example if a person, man or woman, dreams of seeing these insects in the home or in bed, it means that the family may be some strong disagreements that have to be resolved of course.

If these insects appear on the place where we work, then we must think that we are living a fairly heavy work situation, stressful, and perhaps a person who works with us makes us much trouble. In short the dreams in which they appear lice indicate almost always small or large annoyances in everyday life. Clearly if we manage to kill these insects then the dream is very favorable because in everyday life we can get rid of these difficulties but if insects chasing us, attack us go up on our bodies and we even bite, then the difficulties assail us and we do not we can do anything. Another dream with great meaning is the one where the lice go up on our head and lay eggs. The eggs often indicate favorable events, important occasions and also small and large gains but in this case it is not so. In fact, the louse eggs, tick or flea indicate that certain difficult and complex situations are to develop in real life. But if we can play well this dream we can prevent these problems.

Sometimes these dreams also hide a physical and mental exhaustion due to a high stress, the many hours of work we do and this especially if we dream of seeing lice, fleas, ticks that bite us and suck our blood. The blood in fact has always been linked to our mental and physical energy. Ultimately we want to say that these insects can not necessarily relate to the actual events of our lives but also internal events to us, we feel discomfort within us and that maybe no one person knows. For example, we feel a great discomfort when we're with other people and then when we're in public, but no one notices that our discomfort then has repercussions in our dreams. So our task, in these cases, is to understand the malaise and make sure it comes out, we must try to understand this discomfort to people who can help out, help.


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