What does it want to say when you dream to be betrayed by a person that you know or from a stranger? What does it mean to dream to see the really ex engaged, his/her own husband, his wife that goes with another woman or more attractive and beautiful girl of you, ago sex or is he/she kissed? "Last night I have dreamt that my boy betrayed me and he/she was unfaithful because he/she went in bed with another woman. The past night I have dreamt my husband that made indeed sex with an ugly woman. What does it mean this terrible dream? This night I have dreamt that my fiancé kissed another girl and me I cried and I was very jealous. Why can I be betrayed by my future bridegroom in the dreams? Why my man or my woman you/he/she can be unfaithful in dream?" The meaning of the dreams with betrayal and unfaithfulness from the partner, of his/her/their husband, of ours ex boyfriend it can be very important indeed and to hide a lot of fears that concern really the sentimental relationship with our partner of love. What does it mean to be betrayed from our boy or from a friend? What does he/she mean to see one friend of ours that makes sex with our wife, our girl, our sister or simply from a very passionate kiss? We see to understand because we make this type of dreams.

Clearly these dreams conceal a sense of great insecurity in the dreamer if he has an emotional history is perhaps not sure of this and really nourishes so many doubts. So these dreams indicate insecurity because the sentimental value is not lived with the certainty of being loved or loving. The people that this type of dreams does often have a strong need to be reassured, to be helped to understand because they are afraid that their love story can end badly. It never needs to underestimate this type of dreams because they mean the dreamer to look for a way to improve the sentimental relationship with the partner of love, otherwise a definitive closing can arrive without shade of doubt. A lot of people that this type of dreams does, to be people from the very undecided character, is further also people from the very jealous and possessive character, above all if in dream own girl or the person attack with which it is betraying.

If our boyfriend or our girlfriend is probably making then sex with an unknown person we don't know the motive for which we are jealous, we don't know the motive for which we are afraid to lose our partner of love and this puts even more in evidence our indecision in love. If our sentimental partner betrays us instead with a friend, with a relative, with our brother or sister, with an enemy then we must try even to understand, what we don't have but that that person possesses to character level. For instance if we are a little careful people to the needs of our affective partner, then the betrayal in dream can happen really with a person that instead in the real life it is very careful to the necessities of the others. In short these dreams tell the dreamer that it misses something in its sentimental relationship, something that is very important so that the affective life with the person that we love can continue in the best some ways, over the quarrels and the discussions.

When we dream to be betrayed with one work colleague of ours or with one enemy of ours we always have to try to understand these people thing they have in comparison to us, what characteristic posseggono that can make pleasure to our woman. In short these dreams of unfaithfulness absolutely are not to underestimate because they tell us that we are living not a positive affective relationship, flood of incomprehensions and a lack of communication that must be resolved otherwise certainly in the smaller possible time the things can worsen. The dreams in which our woman or our man betray us with a friend or with a relative must be analyze with attention because obviously they don't bring the dreamer a meaning of reality unfaithfulness in the daily life but them they want to communicate that in our relationship sentimental something must change sooner the possible to still avoid worse damages. In short to be betrayed in dream tell that we necessarily have to evolve, to mature, to improve our character so that also the relationships, not only of love, with the people that belong to our life, goes toward a phase of clean improvement.


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