What does it mean to dream of falling in love with a person? What does it mean when you dream of seeing in a dream a person you like? Because you can dream of talking to a beautiful person and have sex? Meet with a guy you really like in a dream what can it mean? "The other night I dreamed of seeing a beautiful boy he wanted to kiss me. Because last night I dreamed of calling on the phone a boy, a man that I like very much? Last night I met in my dreams a fantastic man who hugged me and kissed me. Last night I dreamed I was talking to a beautiful girl in real life I love it. I tried really a lot of physical attraction. Because often I dream of meeting a very nice man, but I do not know, then an unknown man?" In our dreams it is easy to meet people as people, men or women who are beautiful and make us fall in love. Dream of a man, a woman that you like or do not like is really a very common dream. But what is the meaning of dreams where there's a guy that I like? Let's understand and give a correct interpretation to this type of dreams that usually hides a strong desire to love, to give love or the need to receive love from the people around us.

When you dream of making love with a person which can be a friend in real life or a work colleague then we must think that we are in a period of our lives when we feel a strong need to do something different from the usual things we do. Probably our love life, our emotional union has become monotonous and then feel the need to change and here in our dreams appears a beautiful man or a beautiful woman with whom to have sex. We can also meet an unknown person who embrace or kiss trying strange feelings but very beautiful. Our desire to give love is really great and we would like to do in real life where something instead blocks the way we live our experiences and to try and show feelings.

So if we see in dreams, we meet, we talk to a person that we really like, then we have to think that they need affection, we need to give and receive affection, love in daily life and probably problems with our love partner are the cause of this strong desire that we experience and that manifests itself in our dreams. The encounter with a man or a woman who does not know it is an indication that we have a strong need to feel new sensations but perhaps we do not know what these feelings while if we dream of meeting a dear friend or a dear friend, a work colleague then we need a question that we must ask what that person has to wake up in his character that our man, our boyfriend, our girlfriend does not possess. So these dreams indicate a desire to spread our love in a completely different way from the way we are giving or receiving in everyday life.

But in dreams we can also meet a person who do not like physically and that attracts us. Why can we do such meetings? What do you want to tell us our subconscious with this kind of dreams? When we talk with someone bad physically then we probably reject some aspects of our character, or some aspects of the character of the person we love. So we feel a little disappointed, we fail to express our creative potential in love. However, even if in a dream embrace a person who do not like or even give a kiss, we must not think that can happen something bad because hugs and kisses hardly indicate unfortunate events, negative for the dreamer.


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