"The other night I dreamed I was receiving a gift in a dream and I was very surprised and happy. Last night I dreamed that my former boyfriend gave me an engagement ring. Last night my grandmother, my mother, my father, my girlfriend, my husband, my son, they gave me 50, 100 $ because it was my birthday. Last night I dreamed that they gave me something very precious and I was crying because I was moved. In dream recall having participated in the birthday of my friend and colleague and I made a small gift. I walked into a store and acquistavo gifts for Christmas party for my kids, my husband, my parents". But what does it mean to receive gifts and presents in dreams? But what does it mean, that give meaning and interpretation of dreams in which you give a dog, a dog, a cat, a necklace, a ring, a jewel, gold, a dress, a house, a car, a moped, money, a clock, the colorful flowers, a red rose, beautiful shoes? Why do we dream of receiving gifts from people or to donate gifts to the people? Let's understand this kind of dreams.

The gift in real life is a gift that is done to celebrate a special time in our lives or the lives of others. During birthdays, anniversaries, holidays different is normal and it's traditional to give gifts and receive gifts from people. But these gifts may be appreciated or not appreciated, and sometimes even rejected. In most cases when we dream of receiving a gift or to make one a person is very likely to receive an invitation to a party and then will participate in a meeting with friends and acquaintances. In fact this kind of dreams can sometimes be predictive of an event but the meanings that can hide may be other.

For example, in real life the dreamer could want much to have an animal or a new car or bike and can dream of receiving the gift is the answer and so just in front of dreams that indicate desires, dreams, you say, very trivial and that do not carry a particular meaning. But sometimes it can happen something strange moltro. In fact it is not rare to dream of having the gift of an object such as a ring or a necklace so much that we want in real life but in a dream reject. Why we refuse a gift in a dream that is something that we want so much in real life? Our subconscious probably tells us that in fact we are a fad that may soon vanish, finish, then opens our eyes. For example, in everyday life we would like many objects in gold and dream we can receive them from someone but eventually reject them because our subconscious tells us that actually we do not need them. Never forget the fact that during dreams the subconscious can communicate much better with our unconscious and to communicate to it what we want for our own good.

But if we receive or give gifts in the dream world we can also be estimated by some people because we are or we think to some people. Indeed, we can get a lot of money or a valuable object to a work colleague, a friend or our partners of love and this means that in real life these people appreciate us for some qualities that we possess. Conversely, if we do a gift to someone in a dream, then we value the person in everyday life. Here is a small list of items that we can receive as a gift in our dreams with general meanings:

Money: desire for power and wealth.

Valuables (necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc...): desire to show off.

Cars and motorcycles: desire to show his virility, potency.

Flowers: desire for romance, affection.

Clothes: desire to be ordained and to look your best in society.

Animals: desire to showcase their instincts and their own talents.

Letters: desire to communicate with others.


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