"Last night I had a terrible dream, and that scared me a lot. I am a woman and I dreamed that I pursued because they wanted to physically abuse me, then I risked suffering a rape. I was very scared but is this dream? I am a girl and last night I had a dream in which some men wanted to kidnap me to rape me, rape me and make me hurt so physical. What is the meaning and interpretation to give these dreams? Why dream often pursuing me and I want to rape? Last night I dreamed that men and women wanted to abuse my body. What does this mean? My father or my grandfather wanted to take advantage of me in a dream". Of course if you are girls, women, and you have a dream then you will like a lot of fear on waking than during the same dream and it is likely that this fear remains for many days yet. But then what does it mean to dream of being raped, raped, beaten in the dream world by a stranger, a colleague, a friend or relative or by a series of men? Let's figure it out.

Let's start off by saying that these dreams certainly do not indicate that you will be beaten and raped in real life and then were quiet regarding this aspect. Rather think that physical violence in a dream is due to the discomfort that we live in reality and in different areas of life. Let's take a simple example to understand. For example, if you are a teenage girl and we live in a non-positive relationship with our father, who is very strict with us in real life, even if it does not use force, we could see him in a dream that we just violent. In practice, our hatred toward him in the dream with reality is reflected in a rape. The fear of being reprimanded by his father, he can not do what you want but the obligation to comply with the laws of the parents, can be transformed into the dream world into a terrible nightmare that then in reality is the worst thing a woman can undergo. So when you dream that a relative, a parent, a brother, a friend or work colleague you chase to abuse you not only sexually but also to beat you, ask yourself, when you wake up, what is your relationship with this person and you will discover probably to be in contrast to the level of ideas, or maybe they are too subject to the power of this person who so dominates you. And this also happens in a relationship of love in which the boy, the love partner is too obsessive, jealous, possessive toward you.

But sometimes these dreams do not indicate a difficult relationship with a person you know. In fact, we can also dream of being abducted and raped by a stranger or even more men and women. We are so segregated, locked in a dark room or in a cell waiting to be raped and beaten. These dreams often have to reconnect to our way of thinking is not positive but mostly a close-minded to the world that does not make us live well. We do not feel free to express ourselves as we wish, perhaps because we do not have sufficient means to do so. So we have to change the registry, we need to revise the way we think and act.

These dreams often hide an issue of life far more important given that dreams are not very common among women. Are you afraid of what? What you fear in real life? What situation will proxy uncertainty, doubts, little desire to fight? Ask yourself these questions when you wake up and understand that there is something blocking you, something that you can experience the quiet but perhaps that makes you fall into a depressive state, in which mind and body are affected. Dreams like this must therefore urge you to take action, not to suffer the negative situations that life presents you but to fight them. React and change ways of thinking and you will not make more dreams like. Finally, we must say that you can dream of being chased to be kidnapped and raped, but you may be able to escape and be free. These dreams indicate that the dreamer has the strength to fight and react in life and then these dreams bring a message of hope.


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