"The other night I dreamed of climbing the steps of a stone staircase of a church slowly but were broken and missing and I fell down into a very deep hole until I woke up. Because often I dream that I climb the stairs snail-shaped with many steps, but I do not get it anywhere? Last night I dreamed of climbing the stairs along with a stranger who held my hand. What does it mean? Why I can dream of not being able to climb the stairs of my house, a building, my place of work or a famous monument? Last night I dreamed of trying to climb some stairs along with a co-worker with a child, with my father, my mother, my brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, deceased relative for years. What does this kind of dream? Last night I dreamed that I went up the escalators, the electric scales in a large shopping mall but got stuck". But that give meaning and interpretation of dreams in which the dreamer rises quickly, quickly or slowly a few stairs of their home and not being able to fall more? That means when you dream you climb the stairs, in the dark, on foot or even with a car or motorcycle? Why you can dream of going up the stairs accompanied and supported by your parents, your children and have a lot of fear, fear, sweat and the steps crumble, break, will break? What is the significance of the wooden stairs, fire with high flames with which you can burn? Why and why you often dream the stairs? Let's see.

The stairs have a strong bond with our working lives and professional. In real life, we often hear about social climbing thereby referring to the possibility of improvement in their working environment were able to achieve important results that make us human beings most important, influential and perhaps even richer. Climb the steps in a dream then may simply indicate that we are experiencing a very positive period for our inner development but also outward, we have many options for progressing in the professional, social, occupational and even sentimental. However, such an interpretation would be too simplistic and so you have to remember and evaluate several other elements in dreams. For example, the dreamer should always try to remember if you go up the stairs that belong to a place known as the home or the workplace. Clearly if we are going up the stairs of our office then the dream indicates progress in the workplace while the stairs at home can mean possible improvements in family maybe after disagreements that we were previously.

Besides remembering the place where the dream grows, we have to remember although we are accompanied by someone on the way up or we are completely alone. If we go up the stairs with someone and that person keeps us a hand then maybe in real life we will help us in the development of our projects. We can dream of climbing the stairs with our father or our mother is still alive, or maybe they are dead for many years, or with a person we do not know. As we always say, in addition to remember places, objects and people you meet in a dream, we must also try to remember the emotions you are tested. If, for example, as we climb the stairs make it hard, barely breathe, sweat, then in our lives we will achieve significant results only through our hard efforts. Climbing stairs easily and quickly maybe skip some steps mean that we will soon reach important objectives simply enough.

Sometimes as we climb the stairs we find to be accompanied by a child or a child that may mean that in order to move forward in our lives we need to show values as innocence, purity, honesty. But when we go up the steps of a ladder and we realize that we can not go down more or never reach the final part of the same scale does it mean? Perhaps we are overestimating our potential, we feel too sure of our energies and skills, and for this we risk making big mistakes. Finally it can also happen to try to climb the stairs that are on fire, burning, who steps crumble, break under our feet and therefore do not allow us to move forward. Every obstacle that stands between us and the ascent tells us that our climb in the company will not be simple but full of great problems and obstacles but we must not absolutely give up.


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