"The other night I had a very bad dream in which some mice came to my bed and I attacked. I had a lot of fear. What does it mean when you dream about mice small or large sewer or campaign that takes assassinate or bite? Last night I saw a big mouse, huge dream that chased me, I was walking and I wanted to bite him on the neck, face, a leg, an arm, a hand, and I ran away but then I managed to catch him and kill him. Why dream often see rats, capture, take, kill mice with giant teeth terribly long pursuing me, get on my body to pull bites? Last night I saw many, many white mice and blacks died in my house and felt their smells. Why and why I can dream rats in a trap and what numbers I play? Last night I dreamed too many gray mice alive and that turned into the house of my father and mother to eat and then they went into my bedroom, climbed on my bed and assailed me". But what it means to dream of seeing rats and field mice perhaps with insects like cockroaches? Being attacked by rats in a dream can really make a lot of fear. That meaning and interpretation given to dreams or nightmares in which we see small mice running very quickly and run away? To give a correct interpretation to the symbol of the mouse in our dreams we have to start from what is a mouse in real life.

The mouse is an animal almost always harmless but often a carrier of diseases that can affect us as well. The field mice are harmless but those who are born and live in the sewers can be very dangerous to our health. Mice big and small have a habit of biting anything because I'm constantly looking for food and here we find them often in basements, crawl spaces of homes or even at home. If a rat comes into the house then it means that he found food and then maybe stop in the following days. The mouse, especially the rat, which is the sewer rat, is much larger and bigger than a mouse that can also be sympathetic to many people and look like a little hamster. The rat often, when it appears in our dreams, has to do with large and small annoyances and even dangers that we face in everyday life. If we see a giant rat then the problem is very serious and must be addressed and resolved immediately while if we see many little mice then in our life there are several annoying situations. Often the mice may also indicate people who disturb our lives, people who, by their conduct, damage our work, our emotional relationships and emotional, etc ... It is very important to try to remember where you saw the mouse or the rat to try to understand, to understand that in this sphere of life is the issue.

It must be said that if a rat attack us, behind us, it bites us then we have the fear of someone or something and do not know how to do, what to do to settle the matter. Often these dreams are real nightmares especially if in real life these animals do much fear and loathing. In dream a mouse can also groped to bite a part of our body such as the face or a leg or an arm. Their bite can mean that we can not resolve a given situation but rather, we will be forced to endure. Clearly if we can chase and kill these animals then we are ready to face the situation and to win. Sometimes you can see some mice in cages and trying to get out and we free them. These dreams are very favorable because it indicates liberation from a burden that we bear for some time, and often after a few days or weeks of this kind of dreams we really feel much better, lighter and more confident in life. Sometimes the mice or rats in a dream are accompanied by cockroaches that usually indicate secret, unspoken, noo revealed. These dreams can then indicate the opportunity to become aware of secrets from other people.

Thus concluding the mice often show difficulties and more mice we see, the more difficulties we face, the hassles that we will face. Sometimes a big rat that attacks us indicates just someone who wants to hurt, a person who wants to put a spoke in the wheels and prevent us from doing things as we would like. Therefore if we dream to capture, kill the mice then it means that misunderstandings and difficulties will be overcome in everyday life, and we will win. Ultimately we want to remember that for some popular traditions, the mice in our dreams may refer to a loan of money to some people but this loan does not come back, and then become a debt.


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