"Last night I dreamed the door open with the keys behind. What does it mean when you dream of finding a broken key, broken, bent, rusty, a bunch of keys new or old? Because in my dream I can dream that I have stolen the keys to the house and I can not get in? Last night I dreamed of losing my keys but then find them in an unknown place. Last night I dreamed the keys but the key I needed to open not fit the lock and I could not open the door of the home, the office, working. If I lose the house keys in a dream that I can attribute meaning to all this? What does it mean to dream of losing the keys to my car or motorcycle, or those of the safe of the Bank, or the lock of the safe? I dreamed of the keys colored red, yellow, golden, black, long, short, pointed, silver color, curves, many keys, an antique key that opened a magic chest or an antique door key of gold and silver that shone and I acccecava with its light". Dream of forgetting your house keys in the book of dreams that interpretation has? The symbolism of the key, the meaning of it in a dream may be varied. What are the interpretations to be taken into account more often? The key of dreams what does it mean? What does it mean to dream not to find, you do not have, that you steal, to seek, to have the key of the house broken, destroyed, ruined, dream house keys stolen or steal the keys, many sets of keys? What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams? Let's see.

If we go back to the studies of Sigmund Freud we think that the key is seen as a sex symbol, a symbol of phallic male virility and therefore may indicate the dreamer, the need to express their sexual energies and this especially if you dream to insert a key into a hole in a lock therefore. But this symbolism, meaning that there is too narrow and other interpretations can be given. We must think first what is a key in real life. It serves to open and close doors to close and keep chests, drawers where we valuables. That's the key may have to do with our need to keep secrets that no one needs to know, then it may indicate that we have learned or will come soon aware of important news that we should not tell anyone. So often the keys have to do with secrets.

But its symbolism does not stop there. The keys are used to open doors or close them. If we find ourselves in a dream to open a door with a key, then we have an opportunity to make progress in real life, can reach us favorable opportunities maybe in the work that we can grasp, make the most. New roads you can travel may open before the dreamer then. But a key in a dream also can be broken, broken, rusty and not allow you to open or close any door, no lock. So we have difficulties to express ourselves in everyday life, to find opportunities to move forward in many areas.

And dream of finding a set of keys on the ground what can it mean? Or to dream that steal notre keys or maybe ourselves to steal someone? If we find a key or different keys then we can have positive opportunities in our lives but we have to understand how to use them, how to use them. In short, we are given good opportunities but we must know how to seize them. Stealing a bunch of keys or a single key instead means that we can have positive opportunities but not because of us, perhaps fortunately. Stealing the keys and sneak into houses, unknown places is not good sign because it indicates that we are experiencing a period of confusion. In the last analysis it may happen to find a key of gold or silver That shines maybe much, almost blinding. The light That blinds us can refer to the Possibility of falling victim to scams. Maybe someone will offer us opportunities but hidden pitfalls.


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