"What does it mean when I dream of giving a knife to someone? The other night I dreamed of chasing a stranger and strike him to death with a knife. Last night I dreamed I was hurt, to kill, to murder a friend I have not seen in years. I saw in a dream a famous dead person who spoke to me and chasing me because he wanted to hit me with a weapon. Last night I dreamed I was hit with a sharp knife an older person and a young man, a friend of mine who do not know, I did not know in real life. I stabbed an old person, ugly face and that made me very afraid to dream. Last night I dreamed of stabbing a person with no teeth and that seemed possessed by the devil. I took a knife and I hit a person ever wanted to hurt me". But what is the point if we dream of hitting in death or injury in the leg, face, shoulders, to an arm, the head, neck, chest, someone we like in real life? Why you can dream of investing an adult, maybe a loved one already dead in real life? And stab a pregnant woman and dying before our eyes? What is the meaning and interpretation given to dreams in which some people are killed or commit suicide? What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams? Why you can dream of wounding with a knife or sharp weapon a person? Let's see.

Certamente questi sogni possono spaventarci molto soprattutto se nella vita di tutti i giorni siamo persone pacifiche che non fanno mai male a nessuno. Ma allora perchè possiamo vederci in sogno con un coltello o un'arma tagliente tra le mani? Molto probabilmente these dreams indicate that the dreamer is in a phase of his life in which he can not fully express its qualities in different areas of life or maybe just as a can be to work or feelings. So we are in the presence of a frustration, a very frustrated person who can not express themselves freely. For example, we can dream to stab one of our co-worker or our boss's job because in reality the workplace we are too oppressed by these people. In short, these dreams are useful to download a certain tension that is stored in the lives of every day and somehow these dreams are favorable.

When we dream instead of being stalked by a stranger who has a knife in her hand then we must pay close attention to a trap in which we can fall, a danger that can occur in life. We always try to remember the places of dreams, the objects we encounter, and especially the people. All these details can help us a lot to understand what is the scope of the manifestation of this kind of dreams and then make sure to find a solution. But we must not frighten us when we dream of being stabbed or stabbing someone because nothing will happen to all envi in real life. Sometimes you can even dream of hurting a famous person who has never met her. Here perhaps we are dealing with a form of envy and jealousy that the dreamer has unconsciously towards this figure maybe that is famous, rich or at least have what we want.

But if we dream of hurting to death our friend and to see him die in very blood? Let us ask ourselves what kind of relationship we have with this friend in real life and what he has that we do not have but would like to have. Sometimes even simple behaviors that we do not accept the part of some persons may give rise to dreams of this kind. Sometimes it can also dream to kill his love partner, wife, husband, boyfriend, etc... This does not mean that it will happen in real life but just need to realize that something in our love relationship is no longer good.


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