"What does it mean when you dream of having a cigarette or a cigar in his mouth and smoke it safely? Because often dream of buying a pack of cigarettes from tobacco and smoke them? In real life I do not smoke but I dream every now and then turning on some cigarette lighter and turn them off in the ashtray or under your feet. Last night I dreamed that I was smoking in the company of friends, my grandparents and my parents, but mom and dad scolded me. Last night I lit a cigarette without a filter in a dream and I'm intoxicated, as if I could not breathe and then I turned it off. Last night I dreamed that I was smoking a cigarette with very long filter that never ended and I also burned my lips. The other night I had a dream in which I smoked cigarettes with friends some very special and very strong, in fact I was coughing a lot and I felt sick to the point that I vomited. And what does it mean when I dream of smoking cigarettes or electronic cigarettes read, so light? Because if you do not smoke in real life, in my dreams I can see me doing this?" But what does it mean to dream of lighting a cigarette or more? Why you can dream of throwing a cigarette on the street or pick up a cigarette and smoke it? What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams? Why you can dream of eating even tweak a cigarette, a cigar or tuscan, cuban or an entire pack of cigarettes? Let's see.

The cigarette we know is in fact a terrible habit very harmful to the health of smokers but also those who live next to these people. But why do you smoke? You smoke because you are nervous or to relax after a stressful time or after a heavy day's work. But smoking also simple habit that has since he was little. Let's start with these concepts to try to interpret dreams about smoking and cigarettes are a very important role. It can happen to smoke in a dream, though in real life we never lit a cigarette or a cigar. Most likely these dreams speak to us of a period of life that we are living quite stressful, tiring and we want it to end soon. Here's a first meaning.

Dreaming of smoking but can also have a positive effect if we do not smoke in the life of every day. Fact may indicate the dreamer that we are in a period of extreme relaxation, we feel relaxed, satisfied, rested. And this especially if you smoke quietly in the company of someone. Some of these dreams may mean that there is an incoming call for a celebration. But if you do smoke while coughing or lamb risk of losing your breath then we have to be very careful about what we are doing in our lives, probably because something is getting out of hand. If we try to light a cigarette but do not succeed then this reinforces the need for the dreamer to find a solution to a problem that haunts him.

But if in real life are heavy smokers then these dreams what they want to tell us? Often bring with them messages that indicate probable unfavorable stress at work, at home, much accumulated stress, need to take control of their own health. Finally, given that the cigarette is also a social status symbol because it also smokes to belong to a certain group (think of the kids who start smoking because they want to look like the other friends) may mean that we feel the need to show our quality, to put on display for others to see what we are and how many things we do well.


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