"Last night I dreamed of a big fat slimy worm that was in my room and I crushed, I killed him with my feet. I saw in a dream some worms like earthworms, millipedes, beetles and caterpillars that assailed me, climbed on me and walked on my body, on my skin and I was very scared, the fear was so great, they went out of my nose, my head, ears, under the skin. Last night was the crawlies without legs and eyes on the bed and ran away frightened away. The other night I went to the bathroom and I noticed in my stool and my pee there were some white worms, blacks, colored. Last night I dreamed of seeing so many worms horrible, terrible stinging and crawling in my room, on my body but I felt that they were well inside my body, under my skin and who wanted to escape". But what does it mean to dream of having worms in the head, hair, at home, in the pot? What does it mean to find many bugs, earthworms, beetles, worms various invading our house, our kitchen, our bed and cram our skin, trying to kill? What significance, what interpretation to give this kind of dreams? This type of dreams that sometimes seem real nightmares, are widespread and very frightened people. Let's see.

Worms are often insects very slippery and sometimes annoying to be defeated, to defeat that love to live in damp places. In fact most of the worms is not a problem, they are not dangerous, but many people have a fear really important and if they see even a single worm or insect in the house or on your body, tend to cry, to scream, to run away. Often the worms are to be harmless they can not do any harm, but unfortunately they are carriers of diseases and their contact with our skin, our home, our bodies can sometimes create serious problems. Here's a first explanation to be given to dreams in which the worms are present is this: worms in a dream can indicate annoying situations in our life. Upon awakening ask what gives us trouble, what problem does not make us sleep peacefully. Often worms indicate situations, but maybe not so complex that we generate in a malaise that does not make us live well.

Sometimes, in addition to indicate situations that cause us discomfort in life, particularly in the labor sector, the worms may indicate certain people. So if, for example, in our work we are dealing with a person, a colleague who disturbs us, we do not make us work as we want, it creates obstacles, then we can find it in our dreams in the form of worm. If we run away, we fear then in real life we will be overwhelmed by this person but if scacciamo via the worm or we kill him then we can deal with no problem this person. If we see a big worm then the person or the situation that we face is very important and should not be underestimated while if the worms are so many small and then the problems and situations may be different.

In dreams we can also see some worms that move under our skin or that leave our nose, our ears or our head, from our body, from the skin. If we see a worm coming out and going away from our body then this dream is very positive because it indicates that we are rid of a situation that gives us much trouble or we are abandoning certain ways of living, we are changing our character favorably, then we are maturing. But often in the language you hear "you are a worm". This statement indicates that a person with whom we have to do is cruel, ruthless, evil, is not correct and it is very selfish. Here in our dreams that the worm may indicate a person who goes around and that has these characteristics and we have to be very careful.


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