"What does it mean when you dream of meeting an old friend of many years ago that I can not see for some time now? Last night I dreamed of embracing a dear friend. Last night I dreamed of my ex after years, we have a lot of fun together and we talked a lot. Last night I dreamed of a friend. He was very young when I was much older. The other night I dreamed of a dead friend, dead a long time since I kissed, hugged, caressed. Last night I dreamed of a friend of my boy or my girl I talked, cried and was sad he died. I dreamed of an old love that I had forgotten. Dreams often an old friend wounded and losing blood, a pregnant girlfriend, pregnant, getting married. I saw in a dream a friend who died in real life, I whispered unintelligible words, which led me to a nice place. I dreamed of making love to a friend or friend I had not seen in a long time". What does it mean to dream of arguing with someone in a dream, or to beat a friend, to give the beatings or being shot and wounded by a friend? What does it mean to dream of finding an old friend not seen for a long time in reality? What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams? Why you can dream of meeting a dead person? Let's see.

When we dream of a friend we always have to think about the kind of relationship we have in fact just what kind of relationship we had with him or if this friend no longer lives. Often these dreams are warning because it indicates that probably meet the person we dreamed of maybe accidentally or we hear it from someone. I've never trite because they can bring along important meanings to be reckoned with. For example, if we dream of a long-dead friend we have to be very careful about the words we say or gestures, his acts. In fact, he comes to visit, perhaps to warn us, to warn us of danger, a situation that can arrecarci some damage. When the deceased is pregnant then can we hope to have good news, there is hope that we can come to a nice event, favorable and positive.

Many people dream of meeting, to revise dream never forgotten love, boyfriends, girlfriends who now not seen for a long time. In a dream, maybe you can not communicate with them. These dreams often mean the dreamer that the relationship is over with this person that maybe it remained friends in real life did not end in the best way. Maybe we wanted to say other things that we are no longer able to speak. So these dreams speak of remorse that we can have in real life. And if you dream of an old friend who is crying or laughing or want to die? Maybe we'll have some bad news or good news about this person, but it probably will be the bearer of good or good news for us. If a friend in a dream, it kisses, caresses, embraces us to say that we miss him, we miss his presence, we feel the need to talk to him, to meet him. Injure a friend or being hurt by him is an indication of a positive relationship is not stormy, a relationship where maybe there will be some fights.

Often, however, you can dream of making love with a friend or a friend who in reality do not see maybe a long time. Make love, have sex with a person we know should not scare us. These dreams simply want to tell us that we have a deep admiration for this person and most likely It has something lacking in our love partner. I know,indirectly, these dreams are a sign of a loving relationship That does not go as we would like. We must never think that we betray our love partner a when we dream about making love with one of our friends or with a friend.


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