"Last night I dreamed of seeing the sea in a pirate ship, a ghost ship, a submarine in distress, but without crew. I saw in a dream a long ship, the largest in the world but it was not a cruise ship, maybe it was a warship. Last night I dreamed of taking a ship, a ferry boat departing, to be on a cruise on a beautiful ship and fast. Last night I dreamed of seeing a ship that exploded, burned and sank and all the people who were on board died. Last night I dreamed that I was on a ship long, huge sailing on a sea of peace, calm, not agitated. That means go up and see each other on the Titanic or be on the cruise ship called the Costa Concordia? What does it mean to build a ship that sank or dream with a ship at sea or in a river? I dreamed that I was running after a ship and climbed above". What does it mean to dream of renting a small boat or large, a boat, being on a boat and being afraid of sinking? See a ship drops anchor or moor in a safe harbor on the mainland does that mean? And dream of driving a ship, to be at the helm of a small or large boat and get scared or chase and get on a ship sailing? To dream of being the captain, the captain of a ship that has meaning and interpretation? In dreams you can also see a lot of strange ships that fly in the sky.

The ship, like the car, the plane, and the train, is a means of transport but also fun. In fact, it takes a ship to go on vacation over which to move from one place to another. Generally ship in a dream means news coming that can be positive or not and this depends on how you present the ship. For example, if we see a ship at sea traveling safely and is in good condition, with no danger of sinking, then we can hope to receive good news, fortunate occasions in the work, usually. But the ship can also move in a rough sea, in a stormy sea and then take water and risk of sinking. That's maybe not the same we are in danger, perhaps we're not good for assessing a situation that interests us, we are taking a wrong decision.

If the ship is big and is filled with every luxury item then we can really hope for big occasions that may arrive. A ship drops anchor to moor in the harbor or in the middle of the sea tells us that we are in a period of great strength, great security, we know what we want and how we can get it. Being on a ship or a boat to fish and gather as many fish means that we can progress a lot in life. And if we dream to build a ship so we are laying the foundations for a secure future for us and our family.

But often dreams of a sinking ship that is in danger, that explodes or burns. These dreams just warn us of danger that is close to us, a situation that must be evaluated very carefully. Here, therefore, that if we dream of seeing the ship of the Titanic or the Costa Concordia, then we fear, fear that something will happen not beautiful in our lives. This type of dream is to be taken as a warning and not as a negative situation that will definitely happen. The dreams in fact warn us and we can change it or not the course of our lives to avoid difficult situations.


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