"Tonight I remember seeing so many colorful butterflies fluttering in a dream in my house. What does it mean to dream of capture or chase butterflies? Last night I dreamed of a black butterfly, white, yellow, huge, giant but fragile and light that rested on my hands, on my fingers but also on my face and on my head. Last night I dreamed of seeing a beautiful butterfly flying off into the sky. What does the butterfly in dreams, maybe a moth? Last night I dreamed I was myself a butterfly and fly like a butterfly. I felt free and light. Why do you dream about butterflies? Last night I saw the most colorful butterflies flying together in a dream together and rested on some flowers. I wanted to tattoo a drawing of a beautiful butterfly on my body". But what does it mean to dream dead butterflies or who are about to die? What is the meaning and interpretation to give to these wonderful and harmless insects when they appear in our dreams? Let's figure.

As we know in real life the butterfly is an insect that can have beautiful colors and that comes out of the larva. The butterfly then represents the final stage of a transformation of another insect. She lives very little compared to other insects and is very fragile. You can take the incredibly beautiful colors. The butterflies alight on the flowers from which often feed on the pollen. They are insects that can not sting, they can not hurt us. Let's start with this when we dream of one or more butterflies in our dreams. Maybe we are in a period where we feel very free, independent and with a soul, a spirit very light or perhaps we feel too helpless compared to what happens to us in life. So the butterfly is sometimes our innocence, our not being able to do harm, our freedom, but also our ability to not knowing how to defend. Sometimes then it is a symbol of weakness.

But it may have a more important meaning that is related to the love life of the dreamer. Butterfly dreaming can in fact mean that you're living a beautiful love story but it is not certain, it is not safe but is likely to wreck overnight. When a butterfly flies around us and comes to rest on the face, hands on our head we need to think about being in love with someone but maybe love is too shallow or unpaid. When a butterfly comes close to us, but then it goes away flying then it is likely that the love in our lives fade away soon. When a butterfly lands on the ring finger of one of our two hands then we can hope for a declaration of love or a courtship that is successful. If the butterfly rests instead on a thumb, index, middle, pinky then they are likely to novelty, not very important in the work.

The butterfly is almost always a symbol of lightness, superficiality and its very nice colors should not deceive us. Sometimes indeed it means that you can fall victim to deception, and not just in love. A butterfly in a dream is a symbol of inconstancy and uncertainty in our lives. When in a dream to chase and try to catch a butterfly perhaps we are running behind, however, a person who is not interested in us. The butterflies live very shortly and this may portend the beginning of a love story that will last as little. When we see a giant butterfly in a dream we can think of a great love in our lives as if the butterfly is black or has died means that a story is going to end. Ultimately, remember that you can also dream that the moths are moths. They represent the hidden sides of our inner selves who want to come out and then manifest.


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