"The other night I dreamed I fainted, lost knowledge and then I'd wake up in hospital. Why often I dream of having some fainting or moments, times when the risk of losing consciousness? Last night I dreamed of falling into water. Last night I dreamed of passing out and I fell off a cliff. Why, cause or reason to dream sometimes feel ill and lost consciousness? In dream I fainted, lost knowledge by falling on the ground. Last night I dreamed of faint but that means this kind of dream?". What does it mean to dream of fainting, losing consciousness? That means when you dream that you faint in church, at home, at work? Because you can dream of feeling faint, to knock, to basire ground threatening to become seriously injured? And dream of seeing a faint relative, mom, dad, grandfather or grandmother, aunt, brother or sister, a friend or a stranger? Let's understand what lies behind such dreams, what message they conceal and what meaning and interpretation we can give dreams of this kind.

To understand what they can mean such dreams we think about what is fainting in real life. In real life we can pass out for several reasons and then we can pass to a significant lowering of blood pressure, a strong fear, because a person strangles us, or because we are very tired. Certainly fainting and loss of consciousness can also be symptoms of a serious illness. Hence in dreams we think of all these things to give a correct interpretation. Lose consciousness in the dream world can mean that we are first going through a period of high stress, a time when maybe we are working hard and the energies begin to fail, and we are decreasing the need then to recover. Sometimes we can even dream of seeing a person, maybe dead, dead for so many years and the emotion in dreams can be strong enough to make us lose consciousness, then the dreamer passes out and wakes up immediately with the heart beating very strong. Sometimes this kind of dreams where sveniamo seeing a person as a father, a mother, a grandparent, etc ... you may think that we were really very close to that person. One should always try to remember what does the person we meet in a dream.

As always remember you have to take note of objects, places and emotions present in your dreams to be able to interpret them better. For example if you dream to meet an unknown person or a shadow or a very fierce animal that chases you and want to kill you and you svenite because of strong fear, then in your life there is a serious problem that bothers you and that you are concerned in which you have to find a solution. Many people also dream of being chased, captured and being strangled until he fainted, until he loses consciousness. These dreams can really be real nightmares but do not want to tell us that someone would die or kill. Simply confirm what was said before and that we must try to solve a problem in our lives. If we have debts of money that we can not cope, if we have many expenses then it can happen to faint. Ultimately, sometimes dreams of this type have to do with our love life. A love relationship can be stressful, take away a long time, be made of jealousy and possession and we would like to change but can not. That's in a dream someone strangling the throat or can not breathe and fall to the ground unconscious. We must then try to fix their emotional situation to avoid making dreams like this in the future.


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