"Last night I dreamed of not having a job, to leave, to leave my workplace crying. I dreamed of being deprived of work, that I was being laid off, losing their jobs due to the economic crisis. I was sent home from work in a dream after I dismissed the head. Last night I dreamed of losing their jobs, to remain free and to receive a letter of dismissal. Last night I dreamed that an unknown person or a dear friend of mine took my place of work. I dreamed that the work diminished, grew. I dreamed of finding a great job, the job of my dreams and earning so much money, lots of money I had a high salary". But What does it mean to dream of missing a good job opportunities? Be defeated, be defeated, be beaten to work, make a bad impression on the job, lose control, lose your bearings, losing his temper, lose your head and patience, lose ground, be in trouble on their jobs? What does this mean? What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams that can make us wake up with so much fear? Let's figure.

The work is one of the most important things that a man should have the right to work and it is a duty of man. So the work is an indispensable thing to live like decent people and to carry themselves and their families. The work in fact leads money and with it we can move forward in life. So the symbolism of the dream work is very important and brings meaning to be reckoned with very often. When we dream of not being able to work more, to be sent home, to be laid off need not fear that this will happen in real life but we have to really think about having fears, fears that manifest themselves at the level of subconscious during sleep. For example, we have disagreements with a colleague at work, we think we have made some mistakes in operation in the workplace and we are afraid of being taken up by the head, we do not deserve the job you have.

Often our lack of self-esteem of our working ability leads us to make the dreams of this kind that can put us very apprehensive. On awakening let us understand why we did not esteem us and what we do. Sometimes you can dream of losing their jobs because there are envy and jealousy among colleagues and so we fear that things may get worse, and then in a dream a friend, colleague or stranger takes our place on the job. And if you receive a letter of dismissal in a dream what should we think? We will be laid off in real life or not? These dreams always hide insecurities, uncertainties of the dreamer who can not see but a quiet threatened by some sort of bad luck but it is said that all this is true.

It can happen to lose your job in dreams or to make us miss a good job or even see his salary reduced but it can also happen to dream of getting to have a great job that brings satisfaction, to earn much and be appreciated in the workplace by colleagues and the boss. What is the meaning of these dreams bring with them? Be met in a dream of their own work and maybe dreaming to receive extra money in paychecks or a higher salary than expected is certainly a good sign because it indicates that we have a lot of respect for ourselves and our capabilities and most likely we will have the opportunity to demonstrate our quality very soon.


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