"What does it mean when you dream of being a designer, a surveyor, an architect, a painter and make a beautiful design? What does it mean to dream of designing something on a blank sheet of paper? Last night I dreamed of a color design that was a square, a cube, a triangle, a circle, a trapezoid, a rhombus, a sphere. I dreamed the design of a large tree, a car, a motorcycle. What does it mean to dream of seeing and draw a tree in my dreams? Why dream of doing some doodling with pen on a sheet? Why I can dream of receiving a drawing as a gift? Last night I dreamed of designing. Last night I dreamed of doing drawings in color with tempera, with pastel colors, with the pencil. I drew a very large mural on a wall at the station or at home. I was in the company of friends and we were drawing different objects on a sheet of sketchbook professional. I can not draw but in the dream I knew to do it". And dream of writing a letter with drawings on a sheet? What does it mean to dream of drawing? What does this mean? What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams? Let's figure.

A lot of people can happen to make drawings of strange, ugly, beautiful. You can draw in a dream even if you are adults, the elderly, and not just children. We must say that the design can be very important in dreams and bring meanings to be taken into account, should not be underestimated. Certainly if a child is doing in dreams Which then draws the meanings may be different. First, the drawing indicates a need to express what you have inside, to express their creativity, their imagination maybe in real life does not come out. Here's a kid, a boy who feels misunderstood can dream of finding themselves at school or at home to make drawings that maybe in reality he can not draw. That's the subconscious, during sleep, pulls out all the creativity of the boy. Of course we must then try to express then in reality this need to assert their own qualities that are still stifled.

If you use many colors as you draw on a sheet then we are faced with a very creative person, a person who has so many qualities that absolutely must come out, must be expressed in real life. We must of course also try to remember what was drawn. If a child draws a motorcycle or a car then maybe he wants to express his manhood to women, if perhaps draw a tree wants to express the need to grow strong. In short, each design can have a special significance should not be underestimated. And who draws scribbles in a dream? The scribbles indicate confusion in the person who dreams. The dreamer is in a period of life in which he knows exactly what he wants to do but try to do something, not sit still, even if the results do not seem to get or not to be the ones that you hoped they were. Making bad designs means not being able to express what you have inside.

When you are very regular patterns, such as patterns concerning geometric figures then we are very critical people, people who think, real people with little imagination but we put our lives in order. Conversely draw lines, freehand objects is a sign of eccentricity, of superficiality and disorderly life. In the final analysis it can happen to dream of receiving the gift of a beautiful design. These dreams may mean that we have the chance, the opportunity to show off, to see what we can do, what we are capable of expressing with our quality, our creativity and imagination. So this is a beautiful dream.


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