"Last night I dreamed that I could not move a finger. I was completely stuck and I could not go anywhere. The other night, in a dream I tried to run away by a wild beast that wanted to attack me but I was still and without any possibility of making movements with my body. Because often I dream of being unable to move? Last night I dreamed of being paralyzed in all my body. I saw my father, my mother, my brother, my sister stuck on a wheelchair. Last night I dreamed of hearing a strange tingling in the legs and arms and then they are no longer able to move them." What does it mean to dream of having his mouth paralyzed? Having a facial paresis or paralysis? Why, why you can dream of not being able to move freely? These dreams can be very afraid, especially when we try to run away from someone behind us and wants to hurt us. What meaning and interpretation to give these dreams? What it means, what it means to dream paralysis of the body or part of it? Let's see.

In these dreams it is always very important to understand what part of our body is blocked because every part of it can have a particular meaning. for example arms, hands and legs are related to work, to our ideas but also to the relationship we have with our mother and our father. So you might have realized that a paralysis of a hand, an arm or a leg may indicate difficulties in the work, difficulty in fielding our ideas, in carrying out projects and problems of communication with our parents. Generally the left side of our body is connected to the creative power and our mother while the right side is attached to material things, to work and to our father. When therefore we feel pain in the arm left or can not move and that is paralyzed, perhaps we are experiencing a time when we are short of ideas, we have the right immaginiazione we need to move forward in life or are living a period hard with our mother.

The right side is connected to work and often, when we dream of an arm or a leg that do not move then almost always we face or we are going to face a tough time in the profession or against our father. Failure to communicate with my father so it can be behind these dreams if the part of our body that is paralyzed, that right is blocked. So when you wake up you have to try to understand, to understand how to react to this temporary problem of communication or work. These dreams should never be underestimated because clearly they are a symptom of a serious problem that must be addressed immediately without thinking of any referrals.

But in a dream it is possible that the part that hangs another is how our mouth that does not allow us so to speak, or our head that does not move in any direction. The mouth is clearly linked to the way we communicate but also may have to do with our emotional situation which it must be re-evaluated because maybe the relationship is not going through a good period and between lovers do not say things as they really are. In short, the mouth is paralyzed in a dream can mean communication problems in a relationship, things that are hidden or that they do not want to be said for fear of hurting the other person, or for fear that the relationship will end. The head does not move however is almost always related to a need to understand which direction to take in our lives.


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