"Last night I had a strange dream in which I saw an angel come down from heaven and coming towards me. Because sometimes dream of seeing a white, yellow, red, green, blue angel with white wings crying, he wants to talk to me but I do not understand his words? The other night I dreamed of a black angel flying over my house and landed on the roof and asked me to pray, to recite prayers alcuen. He shone with a bright light that blinded me eyes and I could no longer see. Why I dream often see many angels and archangels as St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, St. Michael surrounded by light? Last night I saw a black angel falling from the sky and die. Last night I dreamed of a guardian angel who said of wanting to protect and not to worry because my problems would be solved soon. The angel was called Aniel and he touched me, talking to me, telling me something, he stroked his cheek, on his face and I was happy, I felt good. Then he went away quickly flying in the sky". But what does it mean when we dream angels coming down from heaven, with black wings, angels and demons with wings of gold that shine with a bright light? What does it mean to dream of seeing an angel with the face and body of a child or an angel in the guise of a died father, a died mother, a died grandfather or a died grandmother? Because you can dream about deceased relatives who are angels in a dream and come to us to warn us? Let us understand the meaning of these dreams and give them a correct interpretation.

The Angels are divine beings who can appear in the dreams of people who are very devoted to God and still are very pious and religious. In this case the meaning is not very important but when the dreamer is not a very religious person, then the reason for these guardian angels in a dream can be another and then another meaning behind these events dreamlike. For example when you are experiencing a period in our lives very difficult and complicated often dream religious figures like angels that our subconscious sees as an aid. The white angel that comes to dream and talk to us is certainly a good sign because it tells us that if we have faith we can be able to overcome difficulties. Often during these dreams we pray together to the angel and after we wake up we feel in us great strength and increased confidence. This symbol is therefore positive especially when caresses, kisses or embraces us and there is resplendent in a pleasant light. If the angel smiles, is happy then that's a good sign for our lives will improve in the areas of life that concern us.

Unfortunately, however, we can sometimes also dream a guardian angel or an archangel who has a broken wing, broken and no longer able to fly. Maybe this angel weeps and is sad. This event indicates that the dream we're not ready to get out of a difficult period, and we must still wait for better times and we must never lose our confidence and our optimism. Often the light of an angel in a dream can even dazzle because it is very strong and this is still a sign that highlights a period of suffering that unfortunately has yet to continue. Sometimes the angel may have difficulty flying, can fall from the sky and die, can have a strange color, maybe be black and look like a devil, a demon rather than an angel. Maybe in our life there is someone who wants to hurt us, we want to damage our reputation and so we have to be very careful and not give our confidence to everyone we meet and we talk.

Sometimes the angel wants to communicate with us, he wants to talk but we can not even understand what it means because his words seem confused. These dreams can mean that in real life may not listen to the advice of some people who are close to us in time of need and who just want to try to help us. Understand the words that are said by angels in a dream can pave the way to finding a solution to our problems. Often these angels have the appearance of a deceased person for a few years, for example, have the face of a grandfather, a mother or a father or a close friend. The meaning of these dreams is never to be taken lightly because maybe someone in real life is with us and tries to help us. Dreaming archangels namely St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, St. Michael may mean that our protection is very strong, the person who supports us is very powerful and we can be sure of being able to solve various problems in life and overcome various obstacles. Ultimately some people dream of seeing angels with the face and the body of a child, a boy or a girl with long blonde hair. These dreams are very positive and are often just the inner side of the dreamer who still feels very young and has a spirit just youth.


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