"Last night I saw a huge spider in my house, in my bedroom and I was very scared but I managed to dislodge him or kill him. What does it mean to dream of seeing spiders scary? I dreamed many small spiders that were coming towards me, they wanted to attack me and bite me. Why havi I had this dream? Why do you dream about spiders while they create, they form a spider web in the house? Last night I dreamed about a spider that came in my bed and stung me on the arm or leg and I could not move any more, I was immobilized and could not even breathe. He walked over my body until you get on your face and entered into my mouth. I had a lot of fear. Last night I dreamed of a giant spider, colorful, yellow, and black running toward me and spitting venom. I dreamed of a tarantula spiders that were with many small children. The tarantula created a web that was keeping me". What does it mean to dream of seeing spiders that spin webs and catching flies and various other insects? What is the meaning and interpretation given to dreams in which we see ourselves attacked by spiders with an exaggerated size? Let us try to understand this type of dreams really widespread.

The spiders can have various meanings. First of all, they can represent our mother and our relationship with it. When we a mother too obsessive, which is always ready to criticize, to depress, to condemn for whatever we do, then it is very likely to appear in a dream of a spider size is not normal. This spider can attack us, can groped to sting and immobilize as well as with his poison with his web. Certainly, these dreams are more common among boys, among adolescents for whom the role of the mother is still crucial. So when you have dreams like that you have to think about what you can do to improve the relationship with your mother is perhaps too attached to you, maybe you want very good but its okay not so much constructive. If we are in a dream points to a spider and can not move, we remain immobilized in bed then in real life we experience powerfully the character of our mother.

But the spiders in a dream represent not only our mother and the relationship that we have with her. spiders may also indicate the pitfalls that can suffer from anyone. In fact, we think that the spider has a powerful weapon to attract the insects and eat them: the spider that builds with a particular saliva. But his weapons do not end there because once the spider has caught its prey, the spider stings and poisons immobilizing and killing the victim. Then can eat or decide to wrap the victim in a cocoon of wire, the same wire which creates the web. Thus retains its food.

So be very careful about any trap that you might fall in real life. Over the spider is about the size of this trap will be dangerous for you. It is always crucial to remember places and objects, as well as the people you meet in dreams. All these elements make us understand what will be the scope of the manifestation of the dream. So for example, if we see a spider web and a spider lurking in the workplace then it is very likely that someone wants to betray us, wish us harm (not necessarily physical of course) wants to create us some problems. When you dream of many little spiders then it is likely that we will have many troubles in life, but not so important. If we encounter the spider is colorful, has bright colors such as yellow, green, red, then we run the risk is even greater.

Of course it can happen to see one or more spiders in a dream and be able to drive them out, catch them or kill them. This is a good sign because we certainly expose us who want to hurt and then to defend ourselves.


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