"Last night I found myself in front of a door in a dream that I was trying to open, to break through to no avail because it was locked and I had the key. What does it mean when you dream of not being able to open a door, a colored window? Last night I dreamed of opening and closing a door with a key ancient, gold or silver. What does this dream mean? What does it mean to dream of finding themselves in front of an open door or breaking a door or kicked and punched with a hammer? Last night I dreamed of destroying a door and a window also. I wanted to go further, through a door. What message does this dream?" That give meaning and interpretation when you dream of finding a gold or silver key that opened a door ancient and mysterious secret? Slamming a door or the door of the condo or even the garage door does it mean? Because in a dream you may want to break the glass of a window?

To understand the meaning of these dreams must return to the concept of door and window in real life. They serve to divide places of a house, an office, serve to separate rooms and are also used to obtain a privacy policy. The windows in particular are used to let air into the rooms and to let in the daylight. So these objects can be seen as a need to separate in a timely manner many things in our lives that perhaps are mixed, confused. Probably we find ourselves having to choose, having to make choices in reality in some area of life in a dream, and then we find ourselves in front of a closed door or in front of most doors and do not know what to open. If the doors are open then it means that we just have to choose what to spend and then in real life, our choice is quite simple. If the door is closed and will not open because it needs a key then this means that we must still find ways to move forward, we must first choose to evaluate our potential for good because otherwise we would make errors in judgment.

So doors and windows can be seen as the need to make appropriate choices in our lives. Who has the key to open means that it has sufficient means to make the right choices and move forward in life, especially if the key is precious, ancient, gold or silver, but if the key is broken, broken or fails while the we use then we are not ready yet. The doors and windows but they can often also represent our minds and our way of thinking. If we see doors and windows open then we are in a period when our mind is vivacious, free from preconceptions, in a period of evolution. Conversely, we are in a period of closed-mindedness that does not make us good.

And if we are in front of a door and decide not to open it but the handle to break it, destroy it with your hands or with an object what can this mean? These dreams often indicate impatience, a period in our life when we are not at all agitated and calm but we are in danger of being aggressive with others, to make risky choices. The dream then invites us to calm down and regain control of our lives. The doors finally may also have a peephole in a dream and we can see through it. What does this mean? It means that we need before making a decision, carefully consider all aspects of a problem, in short, we need security and we do not trust anyone. Some even dream of going through doors or windows closed and find themselves in unfamiliar places. These people have a strong desire to change, they have a great desire to get involved, to dare, to discover new sides of his character.

As for the windows in your dreams and we can say another word. The windows serve to bring light into the rooms of a house, to let air in them, air is vital for us and then able to open a window in dreams means that we are in a positive period in which we feel well-disposed towards life and it can bring us good things. If we can not open one or more windows then our narrow-mindedness, our pessimism there will be some help. Finally you may want to break the glass of a window, and this may mean that one needs to break with habitual patterns of life.


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