What does count, waste, spend, earn, earn, eat or lend money in a dream? What it means to dream of having gold coins as a gift or money? Because often you can dream of having a gift or money to find money? Why or why we dream of taking, pick, collect cash but false? And dream to refuse money or dream of having money and keep everything for us? "Last night I dreamed of having a little bit of money from my father, my mother, my brother, sister, aunt, grandfather, from my colleague from a dear friend? What does this mean? Why dream often receive money from an unknown person? I found it in a dream an envelope with money in it. Last night I dreamed that I received money, a large sum of money and I was very happy. The other night, last night, I dreamed of seeing a person who won a game and gave me some notes gift. But what does it mean when you dream of getting a little money from a person who does not know?". Has it ever happened to receive a lot of money or to receive a wire transfer or a check? These dreams carry a good message to the dreamer or not? Let us understand the meaning and interpretation of the symbol of money in a dream.

These dreams are very common and obviously not indicate that we will receive a sum of money. The first real meaning to associate with these dreams refers to our mental and physical energy, our imagination and our creativity. In practice, the money in a dream portends a period we are going through or are going to live, full of positive initiatives for us, full of opportunities that we have earned with our ideas and projects. The dreamer is a large sum of money in a dream can really hope to have great opportunities to show what he is worth. Sometimes these dreams may indicate an excess of greed and selfishness especially when we dream of having a lot of money that we keep for us, when we accumulate money and do not use it, do not spend. If we find ourselves counting the money that we found or that have given us then we are very attentive to detail people, very picky and very responsible.

When someone gives us a bit of money or a lot of money we must always try to understand what that person wants from us in real life. Often mean giving money and then ask for help if our parent, relative, friend or co-worker gives us coins or money in the form of paper, then we think that is a period in which needs our help and we maybe this we already realized in real life. But in my dreams money can also be false, and therefore we must be careful to some opportunities that may come but they can hide traps, deceptions, especially when the amount of money that is false, is very high. Also the coins are a symbol of deception and so pay close attention. Especially when these coins are gold and sparkle so much because this dream can mean that risk to make you blind to a person or a situation not positive and not favorable for you.

Here are other meanings that relate to the cash and that are very common in dreams:

Counting money: a sense of responsibility and ability to make good profits.

Hiding money: unwillingness to engage in problem solving.

Burn money: people are independent and able to move forward on their own.

Losing money: loss of positive opportunities.

Spending money: well-being in different areas of life.

Earn money: selfishness, greed.

Finding money: favorable opportunities on the way.

Making money: small annoyances easy solution.

Make money: a difficult time but that you can overcome soon.


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