"What does it mean when you dream of a robbery alone or in the company of a friend or stranger? Why dream of being subjected to a robbery at my home or at work? Why do I dream of robbing a person in the street or a post office or a bank? The other night I dreamed that I had a gun or a knife and tried to do a robbery on the street. Last night I tried to rob an old man in a dream. Last night I dreamed I was a bank robbery, stealing a lot of money and also I killed someone. Last night I dreamed of robbing a person with a gun in his hand and was shooting. Ferivo also a serious person. I stole a lot of money and jewelry but I was being chased, wounded, captured, arrested and taken to jail. I dreamed of being subjected to a robbery in the house of my grandparents or my parents". But what does it mean to dream of being subjected to a robbery by thieves or dream of doing a robbery, robbing a convenience store, a pharmacy, a jewelry store, running away with the loot? What does this mean? What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams? Why you can dream of robbing in their home or at work? Let's see.

We have already discussed, in a previous article, about the meaning of killing someone in a dream, to shoot someone in our dreams. But do suffer a robbery or a robbery with a gun or a knife is different and can have various other meanings. When we dream of being robbed or kidnapped, we must always think in real life maybe someone wants to take away something we own but it is said that it is a material thing. We may fear, for example, losing a job in favor of a friend or even an enemy. therefore these dreams speak of a fear, a fear that we have in the life of every day. The objects, the places we dream can give us useful information to understand in what context you have these fears. These dreams are never trivial and stupid but they hide important meanings to be reckoned with. Being robbed of money, cars, miscellaneous items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces of gold or silver means that someone wants to deprive us of something and we do not know how to defend ourselves. We can try to escape in a dream and feel stuck and this makes us understand how much fear we have in real life.

But often it can happen to dream of stealing in the house of our parents, our grandparents or relatives, to our co-workers or friends house. Why do we dream of stealing anything that is not ours? Upon awakening, we must always ask ourselves what is lacking in us that others have. Maybe we think we deserve something that others have for us. When we steal into the house of our parents may feel deprived of a certain freedom from them, we feel obligated to them too. And if we steal home of friends or co-workers with whom we have good relations? Maybe we are jealous of something they have and we do not have instead.

But often we dream also do a robbery with gun in hand in a store, at the bank, in a jewelry store, on the street. What do these dreams tell us? Maybe we're the criminals, thieves? Absolutely not. These dreams bring with them other meanings. Often just want to say that we think we deserve more from life but we can not get what we think we need to have. in conclusion these dreams refer to a period of great disappointment, at a time when we do not feel complete people, people who have achieved what they wanted or deserved. They then dreams that speak of a feeling of not being up to certain situations or may not be judged just by what we do, for the qualities that we possess. In fact, in these dreams often are hurt, we are caught by the police and arrested. So we feel a sense of defeat is not indifferent.


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