"What does it mean when you dream of saying I love you so strange, original, and in a special way with a phrase written on a sheet to a girl? What does it mean to dream of saying I love you in Japanese, in English (i love you), French or Spanish or in all languages of the world? Why dream every now and then to say I love you in an intimate relationship, during sexual intercourse, while I make love with my boyfriend or my girlfriend? Last night I dreamed of saying I love you, sweet and romantic to say these words to an unknown person, my best friend, my girlfriend, my wife, my husband, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, a former, to someone, my boy. Last night I said I love you in a dream, and I dreamed that I said I love you. Hear someone in a dream, a man or a woman screaming the words I love you to me, dreaming of being told love, dreaming of hearing people say I love you, dream of saying the words I love you out loud. Last night I dreamed of seeing these words written on a sheet". What does it mean to say I love you in a dream? Why you can dream about making love and say I love you, whisper in the ear of the partner these beautiful words? Why you can dream of shouting I love you in a dream or whisper in the ear of the words I love you, dreaming of being told I love you? And dream of love a guy who does not know another man or another woman to dream every night a different man that tells you I love you? What does this mean? What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams?

Often these dreams are to be attached to our romantic nature or the need to live a romantic love story, beautiful and exciting as those we see in the movies. We may feel to say the words I love you or we can tell us to someone. Why? In a moment of our lives we feel the need to better express our emotions, our best qualities and to tell the whole world how much we love life. That's a dream we can say these important words to our love partner. We're probably going through a good period in the affections and feelings, or feel the need to live a better time in this area. In fact, when we say these words in a dream perosna not know then that our relationship needs to be updated, it needs a new lease of life.

We can say we love you or hear someone say these words. Here is a different matter because they feel utter these two words means that maybe we expect that someone in our lives to show us a gesture of friendship, closeness or love. In conclusion dreaming of being told I love you means that we lack love, we feel misunderstood feelings. Often when our emotional relationship has deteriorated, monotonous, we can make the dreams of this kind. And if you receive a love letter with these words inside? Maybe we will be the subject of attention from someone or might get a call or a gift. If we write a love letter then we simply feel the need to express our feelings more in everyday life.

When we speak these words in different languages, even if you do not know, it means that we have an open mind and are ready to conquer the world. And when you dream of saying I love you while you're making love with your partner? What is this dream? Simply that we feel the need to have a total involvement in our love life, we feel the need to get as close as our partner, to feel even more that he loves us. In fact, when you make love with an unknown person, with a person of the same sex then we want to change, to change our emotional relationship, to make it different from what it already is. In short, we seek extravagance, new stimuli sentimental.


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