"Last night I dreamed I was at a party where there was plenty of good food to eat and there were lots of things to drink. Last night I dreamed I was in a restaurant, in a villa at a party, a birthday party and tasted so many good things and I was very hungry and thirsty. Last night I dreamed I was eating roast meat, pasta, fruit and drank good wine, water, beer until you vomit. What does it mean to dream and to be invited to go to a wedding, an anniversary, a celebration of work, friends or family and see a table laden with every gift of God? Why I dream of eat a lot?" Why you can not dream of eating a lot and meet so many good things, very good, tasty? What does it mean to dream of drinking plenty of water, wine, beer, alcoholic and get drunk? What is the meaning and interpretation to give to the food in dreams? Why you can eat rotten food, rotten? We try to understand it.

Of course if we are facing a time when we are doing a diet then these dreams may simply indicate that we have a strong desire to eat things that we can not eat. If we can not afford to go to a restaurant for a dinner in a dream, then we can come together in a restaurant to eat delicious things but often these dreams hidden meanings far more important. To understand their significance we must remember what the food is, what it is in everyday life. The food is a source of nourishment for our body, our cells but also for our mind. If you do not eat and drink our body and every organ inside it risenteno and so our minds are weak, then we do not have more mental and physical energy. Here you find yourself in front of a table and see so much food and feel free to eat it means that the dreamer is experiencing or about to experience a wonderful time full of opportunities for growth, perhaps at work. It is very likely that after these dreams should come to us important opportunities to be seized. Let us remember who was with us in a dream and where he manifested all dream because these clues can help us understand what will be the scope of development in life.

Very often this type of dreams brings another very important meaning. Eating and drinking very much in a dream until you are satisfied it may also indicate that we are maturing as people, we are getting smarter, our character is evolving, we are growing short. Only if in a dream to eat too much or drink too much and vomit drunk then we feel we need to evaluate ene some situations that present themselves to us and that may hide some danger. Sometimes vomiting in a dream means that we do not accept the fact that we are growing, maturing, do not accept a part of us, we do not want things to change, even if for the better. These dreams then indicate some kind of immaturity of the dreamer.

Even when you drink a lot and you feel drunk, his head spinning, you can expect to be a time when we can not control our actions, to exaggerate some things, perhaps we want too much from life. Finally, it can happen to dream of eating fruit and rotten food or the mold with seemingly good but that they are not, for example, have a bad taste. These dreams might want to tell us that we are wrong in some of the choices that we think are right for us, but this is not so. We are wrong in taking some of the roads that we are sure we can bring things in our favor. So these dreams must make us reflect upon awakening.


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