"I have seen houses collapse and people die in a dream. It was a terrible earthquake in progress and the roads were splitting in two and lesionavano. What does it mean to dream of the earthquake? Last night I dreamed that the earth trembled under my feet. What does it mean to hear and see to get an earthquake or tsunami in dreams? Why dream a devastating earthquake destroys my home? Last night I dreamed that came the terrible earthquake and tsunami, giant, scary with the stormy sea and that my house was collapsing to a sudden jolt but I save my skin even if I saw people die swallowed by the earth, including my mother, my father , my grandparents, my brother, my sister and other relatives and friends. Last night I dreamed that a huge earthquake devastated my country, the whole world were dying and all. I dreamed the end of the world". That give meaning and interpretation of dreams when everything around us seems to be destroyed, swallowed by an earthquake or a tidal wave with strong shocks with high waves that flood everything and everyone? Because you can die from such an event in a dream or you can save, but you can see the death of many people, even close to us.

The earthquake in a dream is not a rare event and many people have dreamed at least once to see the end of the world, to see crumbling houses, which are destroyed by shaking of the earth or a tsunami with waves gigantic and scary roads and invades homes, sweeping away everything in its path. But what it means, what it means to this event in a dream, in the dream world? What brings meaning and especially the dreamer what to expect in his life when he does this kind of dreams? Of course, in these dreams is very important to remember the feelings and emotions that have proven over the places and people you meet. Surely they are afraid, you can cry, you can also try anger to see a similar destruction. Fear in a dream makes us realize that in real life we are facing a difficult time, we are facing a complicated situation in which we do not see a way out. Maybe there is a serious issue that concerns us and which we can not find the solution, thinking that the time has come to let it go. So the earthquake may indicate a defeat.

Often, however, it is also to be connected to quarrels, discussions can take place with family, friends or work colleagues and it is vital to remember who was there in the dream over us and the places of manifestation of the tragedy. For example, seeing the collapse of her parents' house just means the next few problems with them. Seeing the collapse of the workplace means problems at work, seeing the collapse of their own home can mean bickering with our love partner, etc ... Sometimes earthquakes also indicate possible pitfalls we can fall and this especially if we are involved in first person from it, risking to die under the rubble of a house or to drown in the water. If you save succeeding to cling to something, if we can escape the collapse of our house or the fury of the waters, then you probably understand those who want to harm us and we will be able to avoid the trap.

But that's not all because very often the earthquakes and tsunamis in dreams have a meaning that far more personal and more ourselves and our character, our inner part and not the others. Maybe we are in a period in which we would like to change, throw everything we have to start over from the beginning. Perhaps we would like to abandon old ways for other paths. Often these dreams indicate that the dreamer is evolving internally and then is a good thing or is getting worse instead of devolving and then his character.


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