How can you do to remember your dreams or nightmares? Which technique to use to remember the dreams last night, or the night before? Why do some people have trouble dreaming but especially remember every dream? "Tonight I remember doing a dream but I do not remember it very well. How can I train my mind to store my dreams? How can I do to evoke, to recall, relive, remember my dreams? I will try to remember every dream but I can not. Why I am not able to remember some important details of my dreams?" Remember dreams is a positive and not a negative thing because they help us to live better. Remember dreams is very good for our mind and in fact they are interpreted in psychology to understand the various problems that a person is experiencing and thus find a solution. But how to remember a dream? There are several techniques and exercises to remember dreams, or to remember many more details that escape us. Most dreams we refer to events experienced in real life. For example, if we dream of meeting a person, maybe this person was met by us in real life a few days ago, or we have heard. Sometimes dreams can be warning and then maybe we dream of seeing a person in real life do not see a long time, and in fact a few days after we meet with it in real life. Below you can find a useful guide with a list of things to do, including several exercises, to remember your dreams very clearly.


Well, now let's see what you can do to help our mind to remember a dream or even dreams we do during a sleep which can be shorter or longer. First you have to say things that you will find written below are not difficult to implement, but require some willpower. Our subconscious is very powerful, and the first thing to do is to be able to put the unconscious communication with the subconscious. With this communication at a time when we will make a dream while we sleep, it will be understood that the unconscious is a part closest to our mind and we will be able to remember many details. Some people are so well trained that they can recall several facts dreams in one night. Ultimately and before you list what you must do, we must also say that during a phase of sleep does not always dreams. The stage at which we dream is called phase R.E.M.


1. Go to bed early: we must learn to do late at night because when you go to bed at night the mind is very very tired. You try to sleep at least eight hours, and if we go to bed very late and we have to wake up early clearly we do not have to sleep enough time to do different dreams. So try to go to bed at about the same time and sleep about 8 hours a night.

2. Avoid certain foods and drinks: you should never eat much in the evening and especially never go to sleep with a full stomach so that has not yet digested food not as well as having difficulty getting to sleep, we can find it difficult to dream because the blood has yet to help digestion and therefore not It flows substantially to the brain. You also do not drink alcohol, coffee, tea, and you have to avoid eating very spicy foods.

3. Avoid stress: unfortunately it is not easy to solve this problem but have a clear mind helps to remember their dreams. Stress is the number one enemy so that it can indeed lead to making nightmares. So during the day try not lead to higher levels your stress.

4. Relax before bedtime: to solve the problem in point is very useful to do relaxation exercises before going to bed. You can do yoga exercises, you can read a book, do mental exercises that help to empty the mind of problems you faced during the day. Then your head must be able to detach from reality.

5. Tell yourself that you want to remember your dreams: during the day and before going to sleep you have to tell yourself that you want to remember your dreams you are going to do because we all dream but unfortunately not all people remember. So tell yourself that you want to be an active part of your dreams and you want to remember all those who do. If you do this exercise for several months very easily you are able to remember your dreams and above all remember many more details.

6. Perfuming the room where you sleep: some scientists have done studies that show that if in the room where you sleep are put some fragrant flowers such as roses, dreams can be very beautiful, but more importantly they can be remembered more easily. If you can not put a bunch of flowers in the room, then put a scented plant, light a incense but do not close the door and can open a window to let in air because flowers and plants absorb oxygen.

7. Write dreams in a diary: if during the night you wake up and remember the details of a dream then all marked on a sheet of a diary that you should always have on the nightstand. So during the day, you can read and waxing to interpret dreams that you have done trying to understand the messages that the subconscious is sending you. You can divide the dreams even for sectors and then create chapters dealing sentimental dreams, chapters covering work dreams, etc...

8. Describe your dreams to other people: if you are not experienced in the world of dreams you will not be able to give a correct interpretation to them and then seek help for friends who can listen to you and help you understand. The best thing would be to go to a psychologist who work analyzes precisely the dreams of his patients. The interpretation of dreams is very complex indeed.

9. Being able to change the scenario in a dream: you manage to control your dreams? Lucid dreams are dreams in which we understand that we are dreaming and we can decide what to do. Then we can decide to wake up or do strange things and impossible to do in real life how to fly, for example. Lucid dreams help a lot our minds to remember the details of every single dream.

10. Understand the message that a dream wants to report you: we mentioned before that unfortunately is not simple to interpret dreams because we do when we try to explain to them we are not very honest with ourselves. Hence the usefulness of a psychologist or a person who knows very well the dream world, and the world of dreams.


Have you had another dream? Do you want to read an interpretation of it? Look in the dictionary of dreams this site the item that you have dreamed and read the interpretation. If you do not find anything you perform a search on one of best dedicated website to the world of dreams and not only, If you want more clarification on a dream or nightmare that you can write using the contact form and we'll try to answer you as soon as possible.


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