How to get in touch with the world of the dead, with the dead, during our dreams? How to learn to lucid dreams? There is a method, a technique to return a person in a dream that we have always loved and we miss a lot, to meet the dead? Can you dream about a dead person who has been killed or has gone away for a natural death? In our dreams we can bring up as a man, a woman, a friend, a relative, a grandmother, a grandfather, a brother, a sister, a mother, a father who is gone, who no longer lives? How do I dream of a dead person as little or as much time? After a person that we love it very much in real life, it dies, it often happens that we review in our dreams. Many people think that the deceased want to tell us something, talk to us and give important messages but often it does not. Immediately after suffering a bereavement it is normal to dream about the dead person because we are still missing a lot and this desire to see her again may continue for months and even years. "For what reason often I dream the dead who speak to me? The other night I saw in a dream a loved one who no longer lives for so many years that he wanted to talk to me. How do I dream about deceased relatives, friends now dead, or my parents are gone? Will you help me understand how to dream my father or my grandfather who died a few years ago?" Certainly dream the dead on command is not easy but with a little practice you can do. In fact today we speak of lucid dreams. Maybe you do not know that in addition to the unconscious exists also subconscious which it is a part of our inner being that he can not talk to us while we are awake. Dialogue with this hidden part can, however, take place at night, while we sleep, and in particular states of unconsciousness.


During phase R.E.M. we dream and our dreams are a mixture of intuition, premonitions, the events experienced during the day or the passed days. In a dream we can feel emotions, we feel pain, we can laugh or cry, kissing, hugging, etc... Thanks to lucid dreaming can also decide what to do in a dream, so we can control our dreams. In practice during a lucid dream we realize that we are dreaming and we can do anything, we can fly, decide to see a person, we can have sex with a famous actor, we can do things that are impossible to do in real life. But how to revise some people who have not seen for so long? Below we have prepared a little guide to follow so that you, with the passage of time, can become very good at lucid dreaming. Remember that it really takes a lot of patience, and if the results do not come right away, then do not give up, but go ahead.


1. Think about the person you want to see: the first thing to do is to think often the person who is no longer there but that you've been wanting to meet in a dream. During the day, so try to find a few minutes to remember some moments lived with this person and tell yourself that this night or the next night you want to have a meeting with it. Concentrate and think about these things in order to place in your unconscious communication with your subconscious.

2. Having a picture of the deceased on the nightstand: before going to sleep, in addition to mentally remember the dead person you can also attach a picture or an object that links you to it. While attached the picture or the object try to think of moments of life when you were happy or sad, and when there was this person.

3. Go to bed serene: this point is very important because if you go to bed and you are very tired or do very late or even eat much before going to sleep, you will have so much difficulty to dream. So go to bed very early, try to eat little and still avoid spicy foods, stimulants and alcohol, or tea and coffee, and do not think about problems.

4. Relax your mind: before going to sleep you should try to relax and you can do this by reading a book or doing yoga exercises that help to clear your mind. During these exercises, you can also think of imagining how they could be your dreams.

5. Think of a past event in which there was the deceased person: when you close your eyes and then you're going to sleep, you think of the person who you want to meet in a dream and especially to an event in your past life in which that person was with you. The event should be a nice event to remember and not a sad event or you may have a nightmare.

6. Perfuming the room where you sleep: it has been scientifically proven that scents can help tremendously to make beautiful dreams. Then in your room you can put a bouquet of flowers, incense, scented candle because our senses even during the night and during sleep can work for us. Our brain perceives the external stimuli and processes them to create images and feelings in our dreams.

7. Write dreams in a diary: even if you have not yet dreamed of the deceased do not worry because every dream can be a clue to understand if you are to make the most important dreams. So when you wake write down dreams with all the details you remember on a diary with the date of the dream. Do not forget to write the feelings that you have tried that are very important when you go to analyze and interpret the dream.

8. Describe your dreams to other people: the person you want to remember in a dream surely was linked not only to you in real life but also to other people. You can then talk about your dreams to other people because elements, details that you did not know the deceased's life may come out and enrich your future dreams.

9. Being able to change the scenario in a dream: this is a fundamental point of lucid dreaming. In a dream when you are aware that you are dreaming, you can do many things, even strange. If you have before you the deceased then you can decide to hold her, kiss her, you can talk to it, you can even take her hand and walk, fly together. If you can control your dreams then you can also change the scenario where you are and maybe go from one place to another in an instant. For example together with the deceased person may review and be in your home, where you were happy.

10. Understand the message of the dream: even if we make a lucid dream, and so we deliberately created with our minds, the messages that it can provide should not be underestimated. So if a dead person speaks, then we try to remember his words but also his gestures are important and the feelings that we are experiencing at that moment. If in a dream we can not understand the words that the deceased says, then we ask the dream of a better understanding. Remember fact that in a lucid dream, we can do whatever we want.


Have you had another dream? Do you want to read an interpretation of it? Look in the dictionary of dreams this site the item that you have dreamed and read the interpretation. If you do not find anything you perform a search on one of best dedicated website to the world of dreams and not only, If you want more clarification on a dream or nightmare that you can write using the contact form and we'll try to answer you as soon as possible.


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