Dreaming of a Betrayal. Psychological interpretation. Lucky numbers of the Neapolitan grimace to try to win some gambling. What does it mean to dream several times of being betrayed? Why can we dream of our boyfriend or girlfriend who cheats, wife, husband, brother, sister, boyfriend's friend, work colleague who cheats with an unknown person? Dreaming of cheating with a relative, having sex with a brother, sister, enemy. Betrayal in dreams, dreaming of betraying or being betrayed is very common and at any age. What does it mean to dream of being betrayed while living a happy love relationship? What does it mean to dream of your girlfriend cheating on you and kissing or making love with your best friend? Dreaming of partner cheating is not what it seems and what everyone thinks. Dreaming of being betrayed, if you don't know what it means then in this article you will understand well. Who knows how many times have you dreamed of being betrayed by your boyfriend or your wife or dreaming that your boyfriend is cheating on you with a friend, that your boyfriend is cheating on you with his ex love. These dream betrayals often happen before our eyes and we helplessly can do nothing. Some women say they dream of another woman courting her boyfriend. Often it happens to dream of cheating on your boyfriend with a stranger, dreaming that your boyfriend leaves you for another or the betrayal of your husband with a man or that of your wife with another woman. It is absolutely not easy to understand the reason behind this kind of dreams that often turn out to be nightmares but one thing is certain and that is in the love life that we are experiencing something is not going as it should go, some mechanism is crumbling. Let's try to understand in this article what lies behind this kind of dreams and let's analyze the various situations that can be created in the dream world even if they can be really many. In fact, the dream scenes are infinite, very different from each other because they refer to the dreamer's life. remember that it is very important to analyze dreams knowing the life and character of the dreamer well in order to avoid providing incorrect interpretations. At the end of the article you will find the link to go to the page of the website where you can extrapolate numbers to try to win some games through the use of our book on dreams.


The first hypothesis behind this kind of dreams, the first interpretation that can be given in relation to dream betrayals, is jealousy, the possessiveness of the person. In real life, a man or a woman can, in fact, be very jealous of their sentimental partner perhaps without any reason and this jealousy can manifest itself both in the real world with attitudes of possessive people, and in the dream world with scenes that seem be really absurd. Typical is the scene where the person we love is kissing or making love with our best friend or best friend. What do these dreams hide? What is their meaning? Here takes place not only a discourse of jealousy and possessiveness but also of indecision, of an unripe character because maybe we can think, in some moments of our life, that we are not up to the relationship of love, of to feel that something is missing, to have defects or not to have qualities that in our opinion our woman or our man would appreciate very much. For example, if our boyfriend or our boyfriend loves romance and we are unromantic people, here in a dream we can notice a love meeting that concerns our partner with a friend who can have that quality in real life. In short, this kind of dreams wants us to understand that we are not sure of ourselves and our insecurity in love reverberates in love life. After waking up we must carefully analyze these dreams to understand what we think we lack, what quality we think our partner could like and work in such a way as to satisfy this need. Have you ever betrayed the person you love with their brother or sister? Have you ever made love to a relative, friend, work colleague? Obviously we can find two types of meaning behind these dreams. We are probably really attracted to this person in real life but obviously we can't have them or they have qualities that we want to have and don't have. Some dream and psychological scholars agree on another meaning. In fact it often happens to make love, for example, with a brother, sister, mother, father, when we are experiencing a good time with these people, a harmony that in a dream turns into a kiss, a hug, even in a sexual act.

Many people tell of having dreamed of making love with a relative and having subsequently experienced a good time with this person, having been in tune with some situation. Another group of scholars and psychologists, however, give another possible interpretation of the dreams in which she betrays herself. Even some of them think that betraying or suffering a dream betrayal can mean being ready, well prepared to face obstacles and battles in one's life. In short, our mind can find a way to overcome difficulties that we have faced in the past and that we are about to face again in the present or in the future, precisely through this kind of dreams. Indeed, a reason can be found for this type of interpretation to be correct. Betrayal is a very difficult act to digest, to forgive and places us in a situation of great physical and mental stress. When we live these moments we can sink or decide to fight and this is the reason why we think that after having a dream of this kind, we can be much stronger than before and we can also fight hard battles. In a certain sense, here we are faced with an absolutely positive vision but if we look at the reverse of the coin we can say that the dreamer is also insecure, he does not have those qualities to face life in a decisive way and therefore he is a hesitant person. We do not agree with this interpretation very much but rather with the one mentioned before, in the previous paragraph and therefore when we dream of being betrayed it is important to understand what quality our dream antagonist possesses and which we do not possess. But now a question to which we must necessarily find a valid answer. And if we ourselves dream of cheating? Why can we dream of cheating on our wife, husband, boyfriend? The meaning behind this type of dreams is another and not to be underestimated because it can allow us to better understand ourselves and how we act in life. So if in a dream we are cheating on the person we love then probably the person with whom we are cheating has a quality that we would like our partner to have. In short, we are looking for something that is missing in the love relationship and we are looking for this something in an extramarital relationship and in fact at the basis of many real betrayals there is just this.

Another possible interpretation to give to the dreams in which we betray is our insecurity or certain feelings of guilt that assail us. Maybe we have committed something, a crime or in any case something we are regretting and here our subconscious asks us to analyze well what we have done because we are probably not calm with ourselves. To understand the scope of manifestation of this kind of dreams, it is important to remember and analyze every dream element, places we are, people we meet, objects and things we see, even animals and obviously emotions, sensations we feel. Being in the workplace and cheating with a work colleague, for example, could indicate a situation in which we have been negative protagonists, something we have committed precisely in this sector while if we are dreaming of cheating at home, then at home, then it is in the family that perhaps we have committed something that our subconscious now asks us to repent of. These dreams are almost never trivial and must be evaluated very carefully because if they are underestimated they can not only recur but be even more complicated to evaluate. At the end of everything, however, a very important consideration must be made. Dreams are a representation of our life, a representation that is often very hermetic, complicated to interpret, to understand but often the truth is simpler than we believe, so in the case of betrayals, we are often faced with a non-positive message precisely because cheating in real life is not a pleasant act. If we analyze this kind of dreams we must therefore always be very cautious in reaching positive conclusions such as some that we have described above but base our interpretation above all on a discourse of difficulties, impediments, feelings of guilt and even jealousy. or possessiveness that we possess or that our love partner possesses. We conclude this article by also talking about those dreams in which we cheat with a famous person. What lies behind these incredible and absurd dream scenes? Simply the desire to do something unusual in our life, to do something that is different from what we usually do.

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