Analysis of a signature of a person, psychological analysis and graphology spontaneous writing of a child or a man or woman can understand a few things. Analyzing the writing and the graphic form of the letters a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, z, y, x, w we can come to define the character of a person. How to analyze a writing in cursive, print, or mixed to get to know the character of a person, whether it is good, bad, evil, generous, stingy, selfish, narcissistic, vain, etc...? How to understand the personality of anyone, man, woman, senior, child from his handwriting? How to recognize the character that possesses a person using his simple writing and reading? There are many types of writing. Each of us has a very special and unique writing. What lies behind our writing in psychology? You can do handwriting analysis as a personality test? But as you can understand the character of a person from his handwriting? Certainly it is a very complex job that can not be done by each of us but by specialists in the field. In this article we have shown a very fun way to study the notra writing or that of other people. We will see how to understand the character of a person from his handwriting and then some sides of his being, of his manner. "Where can I find a nice free online game to understand my writing and to try to learn some sides of the character of a person, of a friend, relative or co-worker? I think a person I know is not very honest with me. I can understand, from his way of writing, whether it mind, is a liar or is sincere?" Here you today can have fun playing with your writing but also know that there is a very good italian graphologist.


There is a wonderful book of Candida Livatino, handwriting expert, specializing in handwriting analysis that I invite you to buy and read in depth because really very well done and that reveals a lot about you through careful study and original of your writing. The writing changes over time as it changes our character, our way of dealing with situations and problems. The book is titled "CONOSCI TE STESSO E GLI ALTRI CON LA GRAFOLOGIA (KNOW YOURSELF AND OTHERS WITH GRAPHOLOGY)" and you can buy on this site.

Below instead you found a funny game on our writing. Really very funny and nice music will make you pass beautiful minutes. The game can be found below and is called "THE HANDWRITING QUIZ". It is very easy because you can just choose from a few options that are available in front of the eyes. Depending on the way you write you will have to choose the most appropriate and at the end you will get a small profile of your character. You can take advantage of the game courtesy of AGAME.COM - Have fun !


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