Jupiter in sagittarius sign by sign what will bring, good and bad things? The transit of Jupiter in sagittarius in 2018 (November 8, Thursday), and 2019 is positive for some zodiac signs and less positive for other signs of the zodiac. But what is the significance of the transit of the planet Jupiter in astrology? Such as Jupiter forecasts in sagittarius? The planet Jupiter in astrology it also represents an esoteric level? Let's understand the characteristics of the planet Jupiter in astrology with its passage in the sign of fire sagittarius in the end of the year 2018, and for most of 2019. In this article we look at the forecasts and horoscope of the planet Jupiter for all 12 zodiac signs aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, scorpio, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces. "I need to know if the passage of Jupiter in the sagittarius will be positive for me. Where can I read the predictions of my zodiac sign for transit of Jupiter in the sign of sagittarius? What events indicates Jupiter for my sign since he came into sagittarius? I'm lucky this year or not? Who helps me understand if Jupiter in the sign brings sagittarius positive and favorable events to my astrological sign?" Before reading the predictions and horoscope of the planet Jupiter in 2018 and in 2019 we try to understand what it means to Jupiter in astrology and what signs will be more or less fortunate.

Jupiter is a planet taken into account by many astrologers in the world. His steps are often positive and lead events favorable to those signs of the zodiac receiving an aspect of conjunction, trine and sesitle but obviously the connecting aspect is much more important because it happens every 12 years for each sign. In fact, Jupiter steps are considered important enough because it takes about 12 years to go around the entire zodiac. When Jupiter passes in a sign, the year for this sign can really bring many new and desire to change. We must say that though its steps are not powerful enough to change radically the life of a sign and then a person. However, his transits can facilitate ideas, projects, initiatives, can bring good opportunities to be exploited and give a great desire to do new things.


But what will bring Jupiter that in November 8, 2018 entered in the fire sign of the sagittarius and there it will remain until the autumn of December, 3 2019 ? What will be the luckiest signs and kissed by the rays of this planet so-called benevolent ? Let's see now. We start from the fact that those born in the sign of sagittarius will be the favorites along with the other two fire signs aries and leo. Even libra and aquarius, receiving the favorable influence in sextile from the sagittarius, can have a good year. Jupiter does not favor certainly during this year, the gemini sign given that opposes precisely to the latter and also virgo and pisces will be affected not positively from this planet. But remember that we are considering this step in a general sense and not taking into account the position of the other planets in the natal staff that each of us possesses and at the same time transit of other planets such as Saturn. Take this information and then very slowly. That's what will bring Jupiter to the 12 signs of the zodiac :

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign aries

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign aries : now all the obstacles that were present in every moment of your life can be annihilated and you can finally start thinking in a much more positive way than the past few months. The work problems and the few professional ideas have not allowed you to do everything you wanted but at this time the situation changes and becomes very favorable even for new projects and new jobs. In every area of ??your life you can breathe a different air and this beautiful sense of freedom and optimism will lead you to start, undertake new professional initiatives, new work paths and take important steps even in love, an area in which you could even decide to separate or get married or even simply go to live together. The sentimental situation will be very important even for those who do not yet have a person to love by their side because the meetings will be possible. No more dreams, illusions and blunders and a life to live every day in a more concrete and stable. Already towards the end of the year and with the start of the new year, you could receive good news, a good job opportunity especially if you want to change jobs or if you do not have a job yet. The climate with colleagues improves and possible conflicts of the past can be solved more easily now. The possibility of seeing the salary increase is very probable and also that of making excellent financial investments. Needless to say that even mentally and physically the energies return and health improves if in the past some problems did not make you sleep peaceful dreams. You have to be positive, engage in every new project and change inwardly, a condition that many of you will feel before Jupiter becomes favorable to your sky.

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign taurus

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign taurus : for you finally the sky is clear because Jupiter is no longer opposed by November and then you can breathe a sigh of relief, hoping that the past months have not created too much damage in your life. Jupiter that is no longer the opposite means greater sense of freedom, disappearing illusions, deception and scams in which it is now difficult to fall. Many of you have had legal and bureaucratic problems but now every situation can be resolved slowly and you could also find a good solution, a very advantageous solution for you. Lost documents, wrong investments made in the last year and many expenses. Unfortunately, these things do not come back but from November of this year things change and thanks to Saturn, you can return to smile but above all you can return to make very important life projects and financial investments that in the past it was not possible to implement. Certainly the new passage of Jupiter is not very positive, in the sense that it does not bring so many advantages but simply free your mind and your existential journey from some obstacles that many people have created not a few damages. From the first months of transit and therefore in the months of November and December 2018, you will feel much better, the esteem will grow inside you and your mind will be much more positive and optimistic, trying to think in the future in a more serene way. In these months, but especially in August, September and October of the year 2019, new job offers can be reached, new opportunities to earn money and also the possibility to start a collaboration, a company or, on a sentimental level, to start a new relationship of love. If your romantic story did not close in the months of 2018 then the probability of recovering is very good.

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign gemini

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign gemini : unfortunately the planet of fortune is positioned on the opposite side of your sky and therefore from November does not start a wonderful period for you. It must be said, however, that Jupiter is never an evil planet, but simply when its planetary aspects are not favorable, they can lead to an extremely complex period in every sector but above all a period in which deluding oneself can be very risky. First of all, in these months we must avoid making important agreements, concluding financial transactions and giving trust to people you do not know. Someone can in fact make a proposal that seems to be very advantageous but that unfortunately is not absolutely interesting and can instead hide several pitfalls. Do not do projects where you have to invest a lot of money and try to avoid quarrels with someone who might call you to answer before a judge or lawyer. Very often, when Jupiter is opposite or forms a quadrature aspect, unfortunately it is possible to suffer a lawsuit, have bureaucratic problems, be damaged by someone and therefore we must move forward with great caution. In addition, Jupiter in opposition can lead to many expenses, expenses connected with the house, with legal disputes but also with unpaid bills and therefore related to fines that can arrive especially in summer. But this astral condition can also lead to a period of great psychic suffering, to a period when your mind is no longer positive and optimistic and perhaps this would be the best thing because when you are optimistic you risk giving trust to extremely dangerous people who can delude yourself and damage you. Love can be very complicated to live and these months will not be ideal to go to live or get married and indeed the risk of separation will be quite likely, so be very careful not to fight.

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign cancer

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign cancer : the favorable influence of Jupiter on your zodiac sign ends on November 8th 2018 but this event is not absolutely negative for you during the new year. Even when Jupiter goes to the fifth astrological sector, it can bring good chances and this time on a material, economic level because the fifth astrological house is connected to fun but also to money, to acquisitions of material goods and to winning the game. Unfortunately it must be said that his influence will be greatly reduced by Saturn in opposition and therefore, in the next few months, almost all of you will have to work hard to earn very little or to achieve economic successes that are certainly below your expectations and desires. Jupiter, the planet of small and big fortune and positive opportunities in every sector of life, can only offer the right way to go without giving much help because starting from the month of November, you will absolutely have to fight, fight every day to get the most out of every situation. The work becomes much more complicated and the money to be managed in your pockets tends to decrease but you try to move on very calmly. One must say something very important to you. When Saturn is opposite and Jupiter does not form a good aspect compared to your sky, we must avoid making very important economic investments, very important because they could lead to big failures. Life must go on slowly and the eyes must remain very open, especially regarding your physical condition which will not be excellent and with a mind that will lose optimism. Love risks being very invasive, not very emotional and not very constructive and arguments and arguments can arise and create various problems. In short, Jupiter goes away and dissatisfaction arrives in your hearts and in your life.

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign leo

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign leo : Jupiter finally forms a beautiful appearance of trine to your sky and confirms a second part of the year really excellent. In fact, the second part of 2018, thanks to this new planetary transition, is wonderful for you. The trigon of Jupiter above all makes you much more serene, happier and more optimistic but the most important thing is that now you feel within you a strong need to change and try new career paths, professional in your life. The sky is really very positive at work and new ideas can allow you to earn a lot of money especially if you are a freelancer and if you want to invest money or maybe buy a house, then you can take advantage of the central part of the new year 2019 and therefore the summer months. Meanwhile, towards the end of this 2018 begins, for many of you, also a new path on a sentimental level. Within you you want to change everything and therefore also your love life. Many of you will want to get married, go to live together or even already thinking about having a new child. All of these events are likely in your life even if only some of these could happen. The work improves sharply and you can earn more money but the important thing is that if you do not have a job, then Jupiter can bring very good opportunities, calls, interviews, then first study, do exams, send curriculum to be ready when opportunities come. Interesting the months of November and December 2018 to be able to start again with new projects that will develop during the new year 2019 and especially in summer. Even the trine of Jupiter can lead to break all those sentimental relationships that have become useless because this planet means not only luck but also liberation from professional, family and sentimental slavery.

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign virgo

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign virgo : Jupiter no longer forms a planetary aspect of trine and therefore a positive aspect with your sky but this does not mean that luck has abandoned you. Jupiter has given many beautiful things to many of you and who knows how many people have made various projects in their lives. Now the time to reap the fruits of your sacrifice has come also thanks to the support of Saturn which is always positive during 2018 and 2019. The new passage of Jupiter for you is not absolutely negative, indeed, you can collect all that you have sown in the past months and not only at the economic level but also at the family level, social, sentimental. Often, in fact, after the trine of Jupiter, we can attend other very favorable events that come to work but also in love. The love life can still bring good encounters to all those who have not yet found a person to love, while those who are already living a beautiful love story then can think of buying a house, going to live or get married. As far as work is concerned, the new projects, those that started in the first few months of 2018, can start to give excellent advantages precisely towards spring, but especially towards the end of the summer of 2019. Financial successes, economic successes, disputes and lawsuits that end in your favor and the possibility of receiving an important amount of money that had been blocked. Mentally and physically you are very strong and no one can knock you down but you have to be very careful not to get fat and not to overdo the food and alcohol because the liver but especially your stomach, may have small problems. If, during these months and from November 2018 to April 2109, someone offers you to change jobs or move to another city, then the decision must be taken immediately but the advice of the people who love you is still very important and fundamental not to make mistakes.

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign libra

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign libra : after a year that is quite positive in terms of earnings but not in favor of love and family, a very important year comes to recover all those emotional and sentimental relationships that have entered a difficult crisis during the past period. Jupiter is finally sextile to your sky and this means that you can enjoy a greater optimism, a more positive mentality and that will allow you to do a lot of things during the next year 2019. Meanwhile, sentimental relationships that were in clear crisis can be closed only if you want the closure, otherwise everything can be recoverable without particular problems and indeed the love couples who live a good time, may even think about deciding the date of their marriage, going to live together or moving to a new one home. Even having another child or first child could be a good idea. Jupiter is able to improve the climate at work, with colleagues and it is possible to settle several situations left unresolved as regards the family. Last year was favorable for the gains but the projects that you had in mind did not bring the results you wanted and then starting from November 2018, you can start to rebuild a much better existential and working path, with new and really creative ideas that will lead to major achievements especially in the last quarter of the new year. Certainly the sextile of Jupiter is not as effective as a conjunction but if you have had small health problems or your mood has often been pessimistic, now you have a great desire to have fun, to be reborn, to start doing all the things you like to do . The advice is to make a nice trip because during it you could meet a person who will make your heart beat faster or a person who will help you in your work. Very favored economic investments.

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign scorpio

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign scorpio : here from November ends your lucky year but if you are thinking that the next few years will not be favorable then you are wrong because even the 2019 will be a great year for you. In fact, if 2018 was the year to be able to change and to start a new life, in the new year you can finally get the fruits of your work, your important decisions, obviously if you have engaged in a very tenacious way. Starting from November 2018, Jupiter will move into your second astrological house, that is, in the house of material acquisitions, gains, economic investments and all this means more money coming into your pockets but also outgoing. In fact, this new passage of Jupiter means many gains, especially if you are a freelancer but also a lot of expenses to meet your work and professional needs. Moreover, this new step, which will be much more favorable in the second part of the new year, will bring a lot of luck with regards to employment contracts, agreements, companies and collaborations. Probably someone will ask for your financial help or your financial support to carry out a project in which you can also collaborate in a very profitable way thanks to your professional skills. If you are looking for a new job, then do not be worried because the possibilities will come during the last two months of the year 2018. This Jupiter allows you to realize many projects that started a few months ago but that are still quite haphazard, superficial, not very concrete because maybe you have to have money or help from someone. Love is very positive and when Jupiter passes into your second astrological house, it means that a sentimental union can be born and it is even possible to plan the transfer to a new city and a new home. Financial and real estate investments are very much favored.

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign sagittarius

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign sagittarius : this year comes after so many years really very difficult for you. Finally, after 12 years, the return of Jupiter will allow you to start new things in your life, to have more luck and to be mentally more serene and optimistic. Obviously the favorable influence of Jupiter will be at its peak especially during the second part of the new year 2019 but in the meantime the last two months of 2018 and then November and December, many of you will be able to think of a new life, new projects and feel in their deepest soul, the need to change everything or almost everything of their earthly existence. Work, love, family are sectors that require important changes and must be performed in this year and with the conjunction of Jupiter to the Sun of each of you. Start a new period, full of hard work, sacrifice, new creative energies that will allow you to realize many projects in the coming years and achieve good professional and economic successes. If you do not like the work you are doing then the turning point must be made during this planetary transition and you should not be worried if you can not see anything on the horizon because the strength of Jupiter is precisely to offer the opportunities that must be collected at the flight. The desire to change everything in your life, the desire to marry, to live in a new home, to move to a new city, to improve the relationship between work colleagues but also the desire to close your romantic relationship if it does not go further on as you want and the great need to start a new love relationship. Lonely hearts can really meet their lives or make friends that will become love in the coming months or years. Economic investments are good for the foreseeable future and you do not have to be worried if money does not come into your pocket but it will only come out.

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign capricorn

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign capricorn : Jupiter has brought good things to you in the past months, and his passage into a new part of heaven is not absolutely bad for you. In fact, this planet is positioned behind you waiting to arrive in your sky at the end of the year 2019. So you have already understood that this year is a year of great preparation From November 2018 to December 2019 you have to think about all the new things to do in your life for the next few years. During these months other professional and economic successes can also come, which bring a lot of stability thanks to Saturn, which is in trigon and makes the times ripe for excellent confirmation on the job. The money increases in your pockets especially if you are a freelancer and various agreements and contracts can be stipulated and signed at any time but especially in late December and early January 2019. If you are still looking for a good job then the commitment must be a lot but we can assure that some opportunities will come out right during the passage of Jupiter that takes place in November 2018. Excellent winter time to improve family relationships but also with new colleagues and that depend a lot on your particular character always very isolated and not very expansive but you must have extreme trust. But also the sentimental sector is really positive in this period because even if Jupiter does not support the new love unions, new cohabitations, new friendships, however Saturn makes your love life really very stable and based on the seriousness of the relationship and its maturity. If you are still solitary hearts you do not have to be sad because during the year and especially during Genaio 2018, near your birthday, you could meet a person who will make your heart beat faster. Your life is about to change and even if in these months you are not very convinced of this, you just have to wait for the next year.

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign aquarius

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign aquarius : finally a little peace for you after a tremendous year in which you were forced to tighten your trouser belt, have had to face many expenses and you have certainly faced a complex period at the bureaucratic and legal level. Jupiter forms a planetary aspect of trine starting from November 2018 and therefore you can start again serene and happy with a better optimism that grows within you every day. Even if the sextile is not very powerful as a conjunction of Jupiter to your Sun, you do not have to be worried because the planet of fortune will certainly bring many favorable events especially at the working level and with Uranus asking for changes in your life, then you can obviously decide to distort some professional situations if they are no longer the way you want. This passage of Jupiter brings new contracts, new collaborations, new opportunities to get to know other people that can become important for your professional future and new opportunities to increase your profits. In fact, if you have an independent job you could really see a substantial increase in the number of customers and therefore your earnings while if your work is dependent on a company, then you could change jobs, receive a small increase in salary or praise and gratifications for doing a good job. Love life can also be very positive especially for those who do not love someone, for people who do not have a person to love by their side and who want to finally fall in love again. The period of entry of Jupiter into the part of the sky that forms a trine with you, will be very interesting to meet a person who will make your heart beat faster. The sextile of Jupiter can greatly improve your mood, bring good news almost every day and open your mind that will give birth to good projects. Do not underestimate any bureaucratic problems and lawsuits that can be solved in your favor.

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign pisces

Jupiter in the sagittarius 2018 2019 - forecasts for the sign pisces : the lucky period is certainly not over. Even if Jupiter moves into the sky and no longer forms a planetary aspect of trine, you do not have to be very worried because it moves into your ninth astrological house and this means that everything related to travel, abroad, philosophical studies and religious, can have great fortune. Just during a long journey of fun or work, you might know a very important person for the next few years and that could help you realize important professional projects that have already started last year. Meanwhile, Saturn has not left you and still offers a lot of stability and strength for a couple of years that must be exploited to realize ideas and to forge long-lasting professional relationships. If many of you have changed their place of work, they have changed city, company, now they can finally get the successes they deserve and they can hope to improve their economic life too, with many gains that can arrive and be very stable and continuous. Jupiter has provided you with a very valid boost during the last few months and now you have to go forward with your own legs, paying attention to the details that can make a very important difference between success and failure. As for the family, the climate with relatives, parents, children, husband, wife are positive enough throughout the year and only around September you may have to fight, argue, discuss issues related to hereditary, family, connected with real estate. If Jupiter also gave you love, then during your new passage you have to think about realizing a union that maybe was born by chance and Saturn will certainly help to make the love relationship very wise, mature, serious. Your creativity is never exhausted, your ideas are still winning and March 2019 will be a great month to get more successes but also to meet new people and among these people you could also know the love that in your life, in these months, it will be really fundamental. December and November 2018 bring beautiful news.


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