Jupiter in Aries and in Taurus sign by sign, what will it bring good and bad? The transit of Jupiter in Aries and Taurus in 2022 (Wednesday, December 21) and 2023 is positive for some zodiac signs and less positive for other signs of the zodiac. But what is the meaning of the transit of the planet Jupiter in astrology? What are the predictions of Jupiter in Aries and Taurus? What does the planet Jupiter in astrology also represent on an esoteric level? Let's try to understand the characteristics of the planet Jupiter in astrology with its passage in the fire sign Aries at the end of the year 2022 and which will alternate with the zodiac sign Taurus in 2023. In this article we will see the predictions and horoscope of the planet Jupiter for all 12 zodiac signs aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces. "I need to know if Jupiter's transition into Aries and Taurus will be good for me. Where can I read the predictions of my zodiac sign relating to the transit of Jupiter in the sign of Aries and in Taurus? What events does Jupiter indicate for my sign since it entered Aries and Taurus? Will I have luck this year or not? Who helps me to understand if Jupiter in the sign of Aries and in Taurus brings positive and favorable events to my zodiac sign?" Before reading the predictions and horoscope of the planet Jupiter in 2022 and 2023, let's try to understand what it means, what Jupiter means in astrology and which signs will be more or less lucky.

Jupiter is a planet taken into account by many astrologers in the world. His steps are often positive and lead events favorable to those signs of the zodiac receiving an aspect of conjunction, trine and sesitle but obviously the connecting aspect is much more important because it happens every 12 years for each sign. In fact, Jupiter steps are considered important enough because it takes about 12 years to go around the entire zodiac. When Jupiter passes in a sign, the year for this sign can really bring many new and desire to change. We must say that though its steps are not powerful enough to change radically the life of a sign and then a person. However, his transits can facilitate ideas, projects, initiatives, can bring good opportunities to be exploited and give a great desire to do new things.


But what will bring Jupiter that in December 30, 2021 entered in the water sign of the Pisces and there it will remain until the autumn of December, 20 2022? What will be the luckiest signs and kissed by the rays of this planet so-called benevolent? Let's see now. We start from the fact that those born in the sign of Pisces will be the favorites along with the other two water signs Cancer and Scorpio. Even Taurus and Capricorn, receiving the favorable influence in sextile from the Pisces, can have a good year. Jupiter does not favor certainly during this year, the Virgo sign given that opposes precisely to the latter and also Gemini and Sagittarius will be affected not positively from this planet. But remember that we are considering this step in a general sense and not taking into account the position of the other planets in the natal staff that each of us possesses and at the same time transit of other planets such as Saturn. Take this information and then very slowly. That's what will bring Jupiter to the 12 signs of the zodiac:

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign aries

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Aries: your year has finally come after 12 years. In fact, Jupiter stabilizes in your sky for many months during this year and then transits into the next zodiac sign. In fact, the planet of luck will be with you from 21 December 2022 until 16 May 2023 but it has passed through your sky also during the spring and summer 2022. A year in which to make plans, in which to carry on ideas and projects that you started precisely in year 2022 but which have not yet ended and have not brought what you really wanted. The very nice thing that could happen during these 12 months is that not only will you leave for new adventures, especially of a professional nature, but you will most likely be able to obtain concrete successes by the end of the year because with Jupiter in Taurus and therefore in second. home, economic rewards are very likely. So the first months of 2023 in which to work hard and set off towards new goals, to field dreams that had remained in your drawer for too long. If you are not happy with the work you are doing then the right opportunity will almost certainly come along that will allow you to change. If you are happy with the work you have then we expect many improvements for you, some small, some large but still all important. Travel for business purposes is very advantageous in all 12 months. In love, novelty for lonely hearts, the decision to get married, to go to live together, to have a child by the end of the year or to buy a new home. Fantastic time to graduate, to take a degree, to make competitions, to pass exams and don't worry if all these goals will require a lot of money because by the end of the year you can earn quite well with Jupiter in Taurus. Sensation of psychophysical well-being in sharp increase and great predisposition to sociability. Important meetings.

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign taurus

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Taurus: surely the second part of the year 2023 will be the most beautiful one for all of you and that you have been waiting for for 12 years. A year of rebirth, of restart, of regrowth in which to field new resources, not only economic but above all mental in order to improve one's life. The first 5 months, with Jupiter behind you, you will be able to solve some problems that perhaps arose in the last year and for example, if you have had a bureaucratic problem, a lawsuit, now you will understand that the situation can improve, it can be reached. to useful solutions thanks to the intervention of important people who will know how to help you. As for the work, if you have a dream in the drawer then now is the time to bring it out and show it to the whole world. Summer will be essential to make some fundamental choices and for example, if you are no longer happy with your work, with the professional path you have taken up to now, fate will place on your path some opportunities to be able to change that you must necessarily accept. A year in which you will have to work hard but the satisfactions will not be long in coming already with the end of the year. Ability to accept a transfer to another city, to change jobs in the same place of work, appreciation, praise, gratification and your qualities are finally understood by everyone or at least by those people who can offer you more. Do not underestimate everything that happens to you now but be ready for change, study, take part in competitions, send your resume, do job interviews and forget the holidays this year because you will have to take advantage of every moment to proceed. The second part of the year is wonderful to decide to get married, to start a cohabitation, to have a child, to make wonderful trips with your partner and if you are alone, get ready for possible encounters that will make your heart beat faster.

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign gemini

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Gemini: a year that is divided in two and could not be otherwise with the double transit of Jupiter which will be until May 2023 in Aries and then move to Taurus and remain here until the end of the year. So the sextile of the planet of luck in the first part of the year is very useful to start with new professional paths, even private, sentimental, to better organize your life and finally find within you that sense of happiness you deserve to have, you people always very optimistic and social. Here precisely your sociability, your optimism will come out and will be particularly useful to strengthen your way of life, of being, of being among people. Fall in love, do not be afraid but remove from you that superficiality that often ruins love relationships. If we analyze the transit of Jupiter in the second part of the year which then moves behind you, we can say that in moments of difficulty, faced with the obstacles you will have to face, you will always find someone willing to help you in a concrete way. In short, you will almost always find yourself in the right place at the right time and will be able to overcome any problem. In love it must be said that the best period is the one that goes from January to May and therefore if you want to make important decisions such as getting married or going to live together or even having a child or simply even declaring your love for a person in an official way, then move on. in this time. What you start now is bound to last a long time. As far as work is concerned, you too will almost certainly have the opportunity to change, to give a small or big change to your life but only if you don't feel comfortable in the current professional environment. In fact, if everything goes well then you can reach further important goals, obtaining satisfactions also of an economic nature. Financial investments but pay attention to the costs.

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign cancer

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Cancer: the most beautiful moment of this year 2023 will be the one that will be born with the arrival of Jupiter in Taurus, a planetary transit that will materialize after May. First you will be forced to undergo a squaring of the planet of luck which unfortunately will still deceive you, will ensure that particularly interesting situations arise around you in every area of life but which could, unfortunately, hide deceptions, traps, bad business, disappointments. Open your eyes well at the beginning of the year therefore, do not believe all the words that come especially from people you do not know well and believe only in yourself always having your feet firmly planted on the ground to avoid accidents and important and harmful distractions for the second part of the year which, on the other hand, must necessarily be a period of rebirth, personal and professional growth but also economic. Jupiter transits in the eleventh astrological sector between May and the end of the year and therefore in the sector of friendships and projects that will begin to become increasingly important. You will likely be able to forge excellent knowledge that will help you field ideas that you have cultivated for many months in the past. So with the right supports you will be able to change part of your life, maybe what you don't like anymore and you will be able to smile as well as be more peaceful within yourself. Obviously, a new project that starts requires sacrifices, money to spend and therefore it will be a year in which to sow to harvest in the future, but already from next year 2024. In love, news can be expected for lonely hearts but in the second half of the year because until May the meetings will be rather disappointing. Some romantic relationships could face separations in the first part of the year with Jupiter in quadrature. Be careful not to ask too much of your partner, not to deceive them and not to delude yourself. Love projects to be realized after May.

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign leo

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Leo: excellent the first part of the year which is a consequence of everything you sowed in the final part of the previous year. Here with Jupiter in trine from the zodiac sign Aries, at least until May, you will be able to strengthen your power, to reach excellent goals, to exploit your dynamism, your instinct to carry out other small and large projects. Nobody can stop your professional and private journey but beware of the second part of the year because the planet of luck, placing itself in square with your natal Sun, will begin to bring into your life, illusions, disillusions, a sense of megalomania that will not be absolutely good to progress. So sow and harvest in the first part of the year and then stop for a moment to think about the following months without asking too much of destiny. The first months are important to make professional decisions on the fly, to decide to invest money in buying a house, a useful tool for work, to buy a brand new car and also to strengthen your economic assets but be careful after May overspending and unsafe execution. The advice of people you trust will be essential to avoid mistakes. In love, if your relationship is not very solid then the problems will accentuate with the arrival of the second part of the year and who knows that for some of you the decision of a separation will be inevitable. If you are alone, spring can give you that meeting of life, that meeting that could make your heart beat faster and make you feel sensations that you may have forgotten for too long. The studies will be greatly benefited with the transit of Jupiter in the ninth house until the end of May and therefore the students must try to give exams, questions, to prepare for competitions. Perhaps many of you will feel the need to go back to school to learn even more.

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign virgo

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Virgo: a year that starts rather slowly and with little serenity but not very difficult. Let's say that the first 5 months of the year will be boring, perhaps a little too melancholy, not very active and you love to act, do not stand still and wait. Here is that everything that you could not do in the second part of the year, can be achieved in its second part when finally Jupiter will transit in trine in the zodiac sign Taurus and passing into your ninth astrological sector, the sector connected with studies, with the far away places, with religion. We do not exclude that many of you will begin to think and live your religion differently, perhaps deciding to undertake studies to better understand yourself, the deepest part of your soul. In love we must not underestimate the first part of the year which generates a little nervousness within the couple due to a not easy Jupiter in Aries. You have to resist because if you really love your partner then fate will offer you a second chance to improve the sentimental relationship. As far as work is concerned, it is obviously much better to put ideas and projects into play with the beginning of summer, which will therefore be a summer full of commitments for many of you and with few holidays. On the other hand, if you want to start sowing for your future then you have to do it especially during the summer. If you are not happy with the job you already have, then we are almost certain that fate will put some opportunities in your path that you will decide yourself to accept. Your life, both professional and personal, will enter a phase of absolute concreteness, of greater stability and since Jupiter expands everything it touches, you must be careful not to get fat because when people are happy they also tend to eat better and a lot. Remove unnecessary vices and take care of your body because you will need a lot of energy to proceed along this new path.

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign libra

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Libra: a very complicated first part of the year, very difficult to digest because Jupiter in opposition will probably bring many illusions, many disillusions, deceptions, people you have little trust around you. In fact, trusting those you haven't known for a long time could turn out to be a big mistake and the consequences could be many, too many, in some cases irreparable. Don't start a new job, don't invest money, don't buy a new house, don't do renovations inside the house you live in but know how to wait at least the second part of the year which won't be exceptional but the climate you will breathe will less tiring and complicated. Don't think about quitting your old job to try new professional paths and stay away from unclear, confused, deceptive situations. Needless to say, the first 5 months are very disappointing and all those dreams that you wanted to realize will have to be postponed but you do not be too melancholy, do not fall victim to a phase of little enthusiasm also not to ruin those interpersonal relationships you have built over the years. passed. As for the sentimental sector, it is better to be alone than to be with a person who does not love you, perhaps betrays you and does not appreciate who you are. Opportunities to meet other people will arrive in the second half of the year and if the opposite Jupiter has created a loving separation then better this way because you will feel more free and ready to start a new life path, perhaps enjoying for a few months the solitude that often helps. to think, to avoid always making the same mistakes. Legal, bureaucratic situations, inheritance to be kept under control by the end of the year with Jupiter passing through the eighth sector but we are also almost sure that you will be able to make substantial gains and that they easily reach your pockets. Significant increase in libido.

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign scorpio

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Scorpio: a not so promising year and in which not to ask too much of destiny, the planets and even yourself. Jupiter will not be in opposition before the month of May but also its previous position in the zodiac sign Aries will not help you a lot and indeed could create various moments of discouragement and difficulty in your personal and professional life. It will not be easy to travel alone this year and therefore having a few people at your side you can blindly trust will be very important. In fact you will feel too often alone even if surrounded by the people who love you but you still try to look to the future with confidence, with optimism, avoiding falling victim to moments of excessive melancholy and depression. Unfortunately it will not even be a good year for love, for family, with a series of uncertainties in interpersonal relationships, with a series of indecisions, perhaps betrayals, lies, hidden things, unspoken, little situations. clear that unfortunately could be discovered and ruin everything. The second part of the year is absolutely complicated for those couples who are in crisis and a separation could be inevitable. As far as work is concerned, try to collect success and money in the first 5 months of this year and do not start new career paths after May because you could be very disappointed. Judicial and bureaucratic troubles for some of you and perhaps the need to intervene in family situations. Do not quit the job you currently have to start a new path because very soon you may regret your choices. The key word this year is not to overdo it because if you overdo it then you will make too many mistakes to which it will then be very difficult to find quick solutions. Trips are very not recommended, especially those that are too long and exhausting for your body and in fact physically you will be very exhausted already around the summer period. Get more rest.

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign sagittarius

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Sagittarius: your zodiac sign certainly benefits in the transit of Jupiter in Aries in the first part of the year but also its transit in Taurus will not be negative, taking place in the sixth astrological sector. So while the first part will be essential to carry on ideas and projects, to realize what has remained in your mind for too long, as regards the second part, everything you have achieved will bring satisfaction day by day. In short, it is necessary to sow in the first 5 months of this year 2023 to enjoy the fruits and the harvest in the following 7 months. If you are without a job, act at the beginning of the year, do interviews, plan trips in which to let others know your professional qualities, send your resume and if the phone calls you are hoping for do not arrive, do not worry but study, get ready again more and travel a lot because traveling you will find yourself, the true balance between mind, body and spirit that you absolutely need to progress in your life. Steps forward in work are still to be expected and perhaps changes of duties in the same office or company where you work, appreciation, praise, gratification and personal satisfaction. Achievement of also economic objectives but also the need to spend money to start with new entrepreneurial initiatives. In love, the news could come in spring with a fantastic Jupiter that could place some exciting encounters on your path, able to make your heart beat faster and make you feel incredible sensations. Obviously those who are already in a love relationship can strengthen their relationship and make consistent plans for the future and considering that Jupiter in the second half of the year will be in your sixth astrological sector, here is the purchase of a new apartment or the arranging what you live in could be great ideas.

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign capricorn

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Capricorn: with the square of Jupiter in the first part of the year you cannot afford to take the longest step but it would be better to wait without doing too much damage. Perhaps you still have to solve certain personal, private, bureaucratic situations of the past, born in the course of last year and before the arrival of summer you will not find the right solutions. Undoubtedly, the second part of this year 2023 is really much better and in addition to recovering good humor and self-confidence, you will be able to achieve many things, you will be able to meet personal needs and carry out new projects, new ideas. This is a year of construction in which to sow though in its second part, instead taking time in its first part. You usually build everything in your life with effort and hard commitment but fate rewards you every now and then and here that opportunity you deserve could come with the arrival of the second half of the year. If you are looking for a job, don't make any choices before May and don't invest money in still confusing projects. The same situation could happen on a family, personal, sentimental level. Situations that are not easy to solve around the first months of the year and even some closure, some separation but you will return to new life in the summer with the concrete possibility of meeting other people, of falling in love again, or if you have passed the crisis period, of doing choices and making fundamental decisions for the future of love. Economic improvements after May and the resolution of some professional, bureaucratic and even judicial problems that may have started last year. Already by the end of the year you will be able to harvest a good part of what you have sown before and therefore smile more and do not always be so silent and melancholy. This is your true nature but every now and then you also have to experience new emotions and enjoy the good times.

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign aquarius

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Aquarius: Jupiter in Aries in the first 5 months of the year and therefore still very good opportunities to demonstrate your true value in the professional, work, economic sector. If you are looking for a good job, if by chance you are not very happy with what you currently have, then the planet of luck could bring news but do not forget a very important law of astrology and that is that when the planets are favorable you must know seize the opportunities they give without waiting, without being too hesitant and rather moving, acting. So more commitment, more vitality and a lot of willpower if you want to reach the goals and plant the seeds for a future full of other satisfactions. If the first part of the year will be rather interesting and full of advantageous events, its second part will be more complex due to the transit of Jupiter in Taurus and therefore in quadrature with your zodiac sign and your natal Sun. Everything will become less fluid, you will perhaps be forced to review some choices made in the past or you will have to remain firm in front of decisions to be made. With Jupiter in quadrature, the risk of being deluded, of exaggerating, of believing too much in some people and situations, is very large and therefore be careful, open your eyes well and do not take tortuous paths, apparently advantageous but which almost certainly hide pitfalls . If in work you don't have to take the longest step of the leg, even in love the second part of the year is rather annoying, problematic, absolutely not very constructive and the quarrels could be important, forcing you, in some cases, to a separation. Lonely hearts have good opportunities around the spring months but you need to have your feet firmly planted on the ground to avoid daydreams which in the second half of the year could create illusions, disappointments and betrayals. You travel a lot between January and May to improve as a person.

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign pisces

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus 2023 - meaning for the sign Pisces: the astrological sky of this year 2023 is divided into two parts for you too but surely your zodiac sign will suffer less from the position of Jupiter in Aries and therefore in transit in the second astrological house. On the contrary, we can say that his passage in the sector of earnings, economic and real estate investments, could lead to an increase in your assets and a marked improvement in personal and professional business. It is therefore necessary to invest in some projects in the first 5 months to experience a second part of the year in which to already reap some fruits of sowing. Indeed Jupiter in Taurus, therefore in sextile and in transit in the third astrological sector, promises to bring beautiful news, lots of news, lots of positive travels and journeys and the desire to write, to write a book but also simply to communicate more with the other people. After May your professional life could also change significantly and if you have been busy in the past, looking for a job and studying a lot, then here will come that opportunity that you always hoped could come. Between January and early spring take exams, job interviews and don't worry if they seem to go wrong as Jupiter in Taurus will allow you to be understood and admired, appreciated much better than in the past and your qualities will surely be rewarded. As for the sentimental sector, the year should be quite pleasant with a second part very full of romance, passion, magnetism and lonely hearts will almost certainly have more than one occasion to have fun, to live even only erotic but very satisfying adventures underneath. the sexual profile. Those who already live a love story can take steps forward, make important decisions and think, for example, about going to live together, having a child, improving and reviving the relationship.

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